Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to keep it Staying UP

Lots of women have this problem...... I think - well, in any case, I have it. It's my blog, so I shall now write a little advice to all those who need it out there!

It's not an easy thing to get them staying up all the time
- eyelashes I mean.
My experience is with pretty long ones but they don't do what they are supposed to do- a function of them being quite heavy I guess.
They kinda jut out straight instead of being rather curved
which would be better in making me look like a doll.

I've used tools before to make them stay up they way they should
but to no avail - so far, the mascara and the curler just doens't cut it.

I had almost given up hope, thinking it was my lot to have my ones always 'wilting' after some time.

But now, with a simple off the shelf mascara (not even one of those SUPER DUPER CURLING ONES WITH DOUBLE WHITE AND BLACK ENDS), time and a normal eyelash curler - My long ones stand at attention all Day long!!!

It's incredible! Here are the steps:

1. Apply mascara
2. Leave on to dry for some time (not less than 3 minutes)
3. Curl lashes with eyelash curler.

Isn't that great?! And so simple! When my lashes used to fall after 0.5 hours with the old method of mascara-ing and immediately curling, now they stay up for as long as I want them too!

There you go, something Estea Lawder doesn't teach huh!

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