Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

It's lovely sitting here in the morning. I can see the new pictures from Ikea I've put up right in front me. The chair I bought from Jusco is so comfy and the old table upon which I sit this laptop is rather rickety. Makes me think of struggling writers in New York, sitting early in the morning and trying to write their next best thing. The only thing I am missing is a cigarette to drag on. I even have my soya bean milk (yeah, no coffee this morning - sacrilege!)

I hear the kids screaming at the pool, the green of the trees is so inspiring and fresh. Even the irregular sounds of traffic make me feel less alone. Not that I am alone. I am happy. I am satisfied. I haven't been able to say that in a long time but today I want to say I am happy. I see the hills in the distance and the bright blue sky, the sun glinting…..ahhhhh, I'm lapsing into this style of writing that I hate the most but…..well, just writing as I see it in front of me. I also see a random white male body in the pool, yucks!

Work has gotten very busy very suddenly as evidenced from my non-visits to Blogger and Facebook. However, a couple of days ago, I managed to sneak some time off to watch 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice'. I had watched the film version starring Jane Horrocks and apparently Michael Caine and Ewan McGregor, some time ago but don't remember much of the movie except that the voice was wonderful. So when I happened to catch the advert at The Hilton for a performance of Little Voice by the British Playhouse, I thought it would be good to go.

I've never been for dinner theatre before so it was wonderful new experience. The champagne (and coke for me) was flowing and there was supposed to be canapes but I didn't see any….in their place was carrot sticks. Hmmmm…..Cop out? Cost cutting? Health attack? Anyway, for the prices they were charging, there should have been gold dust in my champagne! Hahahahhaha

So, anyway, had my first sip of champagne, didn't like it. Whinged abit that I was a cheap cheap girl who doesn't drink bubbly or eat sea cucumber or scallops or drink ginseng - you know all those expensive Chinese things! 

Then we were herded in the ballroom, quite nicely done up. Had a quick glance around the place but it didn't look particularly impressive for important events though it did have high ceilings (I seem to have taken a fancy for places with high ceilings, think they look more grand). So, then bread rolls were set out. The table for ten seemed awfully cluttered what with 10 million pieces of cutlery for each person. I had them take away my wine goblets. Hahahahah. We ordered some fruit juices and then the 3 pieces of Alaskan Snow Crab Claw rolled in Tuna Sashimi came along. Had one but ummmmm, Cheap Girl rose to the occasion again. So the waitress took my remaining 2 pieces away. Had some Cappucino de Celeriac soup which was quite nice, a bit thin but since I didn't even know there was a soup named as a coffee, I have no idea what it is supposed to be like. Then came our Seabass Fillet which was wondrous, orgasmic! I always quote Britney Spears and say 'Chocolate is Better than Sex' but whoa, this Seabass Fillet had me hungering for more! It was succulent, juicy, oh-so-smooth and silky, it just slipped down your throat, kinda like what people describe about champagne I guess……Anyway, it was really nice and there were mashed potato swirls around it - succulent le'poisson and la'potatoe - what else could be better?!

Then the show started, then the show went into intermission - which is when Dessert came.

(Oh by the way, the KL Hilton servers need a lot more training! First they spread out all the cutlery for dessert, then they took them all away, then they came back and set the cutlery for dessert…..hmmmm, and I absolutely hate it when people reach past me when I am still eating to clear away my bread plate! Not good. KL Hilton - take note!)

Dessert was quite wonderful as well with a warm chocolate medallion (which just looks like a little cupcake). It was all artfully decorated of course and I heard Gordon Ramsey say something to the effect of, "It ain't worth a f------ dime you know, all these fanciful drips and swirls, if the f------ food doesn't taste f------ good!" Hahahhahaha, so thankfully the chocolate main did taste good, then we had some chocolates come by and of course I picked this dark beautfiul square which melted beautifully in my mouth. Coffee was served but it wasn't my cup of tea - no body, no aroma!

And that was it. I had a lovely time.

Oh! Yes, the show. Ummmm…..Rachael Wood had a terrific voice and great capacity for mimicry in the style required by the show. Her mum was played to great aplomb but I guess the few non-British in the crowd may have found it hard to understand the accents. When there was no singing going on, it wasn't very entertaining I must say though. I had higher expectations of the entire show - but the night overall was still wonderful.


Sue said...

So who did you go with? Ahem...any updates on that ah? Haha..

Errolyn said...

Ahem Ahem! You know I knowlah!