Monday, November 19, 2007

Face to Face but not really....

It’s weird, I’ve just latched on to the Facebook phenomenon! I’ve never been interested in stuff like this you know – Friendster and the like (yeah, the only reason I only named Friendster is because I don’t know anything else!!). I’ve never given it much thought and definitely had no time for it.

But last week I joined Facebook at the behest of a friend and to my amazement, it’s completely exploded onto my scene. If you are checking out my page, you will see that my status update is that I am finally logging out after a long long time of telling myself that I will. It’s so cool and different from Friendster probably because of all the games and features I can put on it. I’ve only actually been in it half a day and I’ve practically choked up my page – I’ve got vampires and slayers (not gone into zombies), hugs, SuperPokes (I’ve chest bumped a guy! Can you believe that – CHEST BUMPED!!!), growing gifts (which are SOOO much fun, I would love to have one of those hatching eggs too and the flowers look so nice as well). I can rate other people’s personalities and ask questions for my friend’s to lend a philosophy to, but perhaps one of the coolest things is that I have a Map! A TravelAdvisor Map that tracks where I’ve been and where I want to go to. Of course, all my ‘Going’ locations are not actually plans in the making already but places I’d like to visit at least once in my lifetime. Hmmm, I still need to add Machu Pichu and Petra, Jordan!

The bottomline is I can’t believe I’ve just fallen headfirst into this thing. For the moment, I spend more time ‘personalising’ my page than visiting others’ but now that I’ve logged out for today, I remember all the ones I want to go to so let’s leave that for tomorrow shall we….although it will be VERY BAD NEWS if my office tracks me! (I love this CAPITALISATION of phrases I want to emphasise – which author uses it now, I just can’t get my tongue around the name).

Anyway, Facebook has also made me want to whip my camera out and take a picture of my nodding head doll….the thing that made me smile when I first got it. Now it just nods away in front of me and I hardly notice it. (I think my nodding head doll is ALIVE though….when I first got her, I gave her several names to which she did not want to nod to, but when my colleague suggested ‘Sweetie’ she started off and has not stopped since!

Oooooh, I wanna look at people’s photos and see how they’ve grown and changed over the years. I ‘met’ up with an old classmate who now has a CHILD! Of course, she’s not going too fast, it’s me who’s going too slow……

Btw, just wanna say SALUTE! to Szup – your time on the net really pays off – she is like the Slayer Jedi and Vampire Emperor and all that – meaning she’s infected and slewn and bumped off enough other vampires/slayers/werewolves/zombies to be crowned Numero Uno. I’ve bitten some other people but don’t find it much use…..not sure what I can do with it at the end of the day, although my persona – the Catholic Vampiric Schoolgirl is way cool and you’d definitely want me to suck on your neck! Hahahahahaha


Sue said... should see Wee lee's one..he is much higher ranking ler...anyway, which class mate u met? Told u so that Facebook is addictive!! Blekkk!!

Errolyn said...

I met Chiang Mei Lin loh! Wee Lee, oh gosh - where is he and what is he doing? I wonder if Kong Wai, Weng Wai is on it and I think Geoffrey Liew is too right?

Gosh, all these people!