Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Picture is Worth A Hundred Words....when it isn't a very good pic that is.

It’s about time I uploaded my pics – well, I’ve gotten D to help me with them so you can check them out here. There are firstly pictures (some nice, some not, some fat) of me from when I took part in the Estee Lauder Model Contest. Needless to say I am the silent annonymous winner! :D

I am definitely not catwalk material – too short and too curvy but I WILL have you know I have been approached to do photography work before! So there! (Several times!!!!)

Anyway, there are also pictures of my house in its virgin state – the kitchen, the yard, the hall, the bathrooms, the rooms and then pics of when renovation was in progress. As you will see from the pictures, I only did minimal work – adding electrical wiring, a wet kitchen and kitchen cabinets. The rest of the house is still untouched! No plaster ceiling, no cornices, no built up feature wall, no hacking down of walls. My skills with this little camera of mine in tight enclosures with no tripod leaves much to be desired but for those of you who just want a quick run-through, you’ll see everything you need to see.

Forget the last few pics – just stuff I wanted to sell off.

The house is rather different now, with the wet kitchen fully done up, the rooms done up, the sofa in, the curtains in and the dining table as well. My wardrobe from Signature Kitchen will be installed on 17 Nov and then I shall be able to really unpack and for the second time in my life – will no longer have a Winter and Summer Wardrobe Collection.

My little joke with my ex-colleagues from HSBC – I had insufficient wardrobe space for all my clothes so half of them were packed away in suitcases and bags and half a year around, I will switch. So there you go. The first time of my life I didn’t have a half yearly wardrobe is when I lived at home and had to depend on daddy to buy me clothes….hehehehehehehe

Now I depend on ECC – Eon Credit Card! Hahahahahahaha


Sue said...

Wei...can see the gray hair and wrinkles ler..u look ike Malay..hehe..link my blog??!!

Errolyn said...

shut up you terrible foe who masquerades as my friend!

how do i link to your blog? aiyo, very susah do this kind of thinglah....nobody reads my blog anyway. hahahhaha