Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wow! It’s the start of the New Year! The New Year according to Feng Shui (- I was going to say according to Lillian Too but some readers may not be too happy about that.) AND Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

I’ve been a real bad girl this year and not bought any new clothes to celebrate what is only going to be the ‘Best Year of My Life Yet’! I mean I have some dresses I bought before and have not worn, god knows, if we’re going down that path, there are a lot of new clothes I can just throw on on the first day! But I must, I don’t have any new shoes! I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about buying shoes this last year. I told myself no more shoes because I’ve got too many already but I did go to Taiwan and China last year so……couldn’t leave them countries without a few of them on my belt.

So, why is 2007 the ‘Best Year of My Life Yet’??? Well, the time of the Dragon has finally come around, after 2 years of down time, it’s about time I started being on the UP again and it certainly reads like a fantastic year for us dragons if you believe the websites and Lillian and Joey Yap and all that.

The eerie thing is that the moment the new year rolled around, I felt happy. I didn’t go out and get drunk and kiss 10 random guys…..and girls!!!….but I had a major shift in emotions and I didn’t even realize it until a few days later, when I thought, Gosh! I haven’t felt this consistently happy for a long time now! So there you are, the planets and stars moving around does make a difference! :)

So, it’s felt like a wonderful start to the new year and I can’t wait to get things moving and shaking. I am going to do crazy things this year and I’m definitely excited about all the life changing NEW things!

(No it’s not another tattoo! Oh yeah, for those of you who didn’t know what my life changing action was mid last year – I got a palm sized tattoo – of a BEAUTIFUL peacock on my back. It’s got a bit of colour, some pink and some purple and it looks so elegant. The part I love most is its tail. It’s gorgeously intricate and it makes me take my hat off to my tattoo artist ‘Ah Sui’ (Water) from Sungei Wang. He’s excellent! After we finished the tattoo in 1.5 hours, he told me, “Well, now only your special someone will see the best part of the peacock…..and me of course!” Hhahahahahaa…..funny man! And no, it didn’t hurt!)

A note of caution for the new year though, it’s festive season soon so be careful when you drive. The cops are out and hungry so caveat emptor (me taking poetic license that). I was stopped for ‘speeding’ along Sri Hartamas on Sunday. The man who had sworn to protect me and country asked me, “Nak saman kah nak saya tolong?” (Want a summons or want my help?). Not the first time I’ve been shocked and most certainly not the last I’m sure. Disclaimer: Not all of them are bad or corrupt or flirty, just the ones I’ve encountered who are like that!

….And you thought it was going to be another boring self preservation drive safe campaign from me! Of course not, you yourself know whether you wanna live a long healthy life in one piece or not. Now THAT is not for me to comment on!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

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