Sunday, July 04, 2004

THE WEATHER IS CRAZEEEEEEE and it's getting hotter and hotter! Today we went to the Stockyards in Fort Worth and it was a really cool place to spend the day! we didn't have much time though cos the train arrived there at 11.30pm and we had to catch the return at 2.30pm!!! so only bought a few things but cool ones so I'm happy!

I think it's called the Stockyards because people used to come and buy/sell/trade their animals here. We were meant to check out Billy Bob's which is a cool cool place for country and western stuff, all set with line-dancing I heard, but didn't see it cos we didin't turn down the road.....and anyway, there wasn't enough time. I would have loved to have spent the whole day there slowly cruising the area but I think we held up our host alot already! ;)

It was quite surreal there because the moment you get off the train, you're assaulted with shop after shop after shop of souvenirs and eateries. Then you get out on the road and what do you see, old style wooden saloons and people dressed up like the olden days! The whores and their cowboys, the policeman on the horse and the guy peddling his longhorn (bull/cow) for photo ops!

OOoh, another very exciting thing that happened, was that the Tarantula Railway got help up by three bandits (one looked Mexican!) when we were nearing the station at Fort Worth! They shot their pistols and rode their horses alongside the train and one of them actually got on!!!! We were told to scream our hearts out when they got on and so we did! It was really fantastic.

And on the way back, ..............we slept. Hahahahahhaaaa.....It was too hot to bother with anything else!

when we got back to lewisville and got into the car, we saw that it was 98 degrees Farenheit!!!! Woooweee! no joke. felt as hot as malaysia.

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