Sunday, July 18, 2004

So my last post I was drooling over Six Flags Over Texas. Well, let's see what happened.
First of all, we were off bright and early (9.15am) on Saturday morning but since we were in need of a few more souvenirs, we decided to detour to the great happy place called the Trader's Village n Grand Prairie. Those of you friends who have been regularly checking up on my activities will recall that we had visited this great happy place before! Well, yeah! And we loved it. That's why we're going back!
We had a half hour tops to get the essentials we needed cos we wanted to get into Six Flags early to 'beat the crowds'. Well, you know what.....we arrived at the flea market at 9.45am, not all shops/traders were ready but we managed to finish 10.30am and off we went to the nearby Six Flags (am I mentioning it too much? Don't really know why.....)
So anyway, there we were on the road and lo and behold, we get stuck in a traffic jam - a mini one compared to those in Penang and KL. But nonetheless. So, I started trying to be helpful in a Malaysian way - started suggesting that the driver get into a turn left lane (which was empty) to drive all the way to the top of the road so that he could then cut into the right lane which would allow us to drive straight onto the road that leads to the playground of playgounds! Unsurprisingly, he said no and so did his other American co-driver (direction giver)!
So, after a longggg queue into the parking lot (Premium Lots sold out!!!!...think they're those closest to the entrance) and a bit of patience, we were off to buy tickets and into the park we went! We established a meeting point at 4pm, this with us arriving at 11am and I kinda looked incredulously at John because all sorts of thoughts were running through my head! The main one being that, "We're never gonna finish this park by 4pm!!! Are you crazy?!!!"
Well then, anyway, we split up and the first one Jothee and I queued up for was THE TITAN.
Towering 255 feet above the earth, the muscular steel superstructure features one of the world's mightiest drops at hyper speeds of 85 miles an hour. One hundred feet taller than the legendary Texas Giant, Titan is faster than strikes of Zeus' lightning and features over a mile of twisted steel with huge sweeping spirals. A full three-and-a half minutes of spectacular plunges, a 120-foot long tunnel shrouded in total darkness, a series of camel back hills, huge spiral curves, and high-speed helixes are only some of the things you could look forward too
You know they report 1600 rides per hour; which means with the 1.5 hours I was in queue for the ruddy ride (alliteration!), 2400 rides were played out!
On to the Roaring Rapids cos Jothee wanted to get wet! (It isn't even on Six Flags list of rides??!) Anyway, it's one of those where you sit on a great big gloat with 9 other people and float along a river where you encouter swells and waterfalls and you get wet! It was fun.
Next, was Batman!
This is Batman's newest crime-fighting device, Batman the Ride opened in 1999. An 'over too quick ride for the 1 hour 15 min wait' thrill which, although quite exciting with dangling feet and 360 degree turns with your feet meeting the sky and sudden twirls, this ride made me wonder if the entire wait was really worth it. It was all of  10 seconds it felt like and after the Titan, it was quite tame.
And that was all we had time for! Can you believe it - 3 rides in 5 hours. We stopped for lunch. Got lost for 2 minutes, bought a 3 dollar bottle of Coke and went home. It definitely didn't feel as magical or wondrous as Disneyland. Like I was telling a friend, Disneyland draws you in to this whole new world with its magics and characters and dreams. You feel as if anything could come true here. But Six Flags doesn't aspire for that kind of an experience. It feels like it just wants to show you the rides, let you experience queuing up and then you get on the rides and you should be happy. It made me feel it was very commercial whereas in Disneyland, you didn't mind spending the astronomical amounts of money they wanted from you and you were happy to take your wallet out - cos how on earth could you live without that, or this, or that!
Six Flags the Summary - too much expectation, too little time to actually truly find out if they were justified. At this point in time, my feelings are, you should splurge for a Q-Boat (fast-track to the rides) otherwise, it ain't veryveryvery worth it!
Oh, by the way, it was blistering....or as some would it, ' Hotter than a Wh*re in Church'. Hehehehe....thought that was fun!

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