Friday, July 16, 2004

Last weekend!
Last weekend we went horse-back riding! It was fantastic! Almost. It was very good, except that it would have been Fantastic if I had a runaway horse.....well, maybe not that dramatic, but a little trotting would have been fun. (John would have had his dream come true if I had a runaway horse!)
Although R.M., my horse, did try to trot a couple of times and I jerked up and down in the saddle like the amateur that I am.....and for the next two days, had a little trouble crossing my legs. It hurt!!!!!!! 
View horseys from link above....
(So, the people in the horsey link are - Brandon the expert horse lead, the Malaysians - Zuraini, Errolyn, Vijay, Nagen and Jothee in that order, John R. our fantastic host and Palaton D. our torturing trainer*.)
So, that was for an hour and then we just came on back to the suite.
Next weekend will be our last and guess what! Look out Six Flags, here comes Errolyn!!!
* He likes making the trainers in this team suffer. He wants us to present material back to him so he can penalise us!!!!! Help!

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