Saturday, July 03, 2004

tomorrow i will be going on the tarantula railway which winds down from lewisville to the stockyards and there we're going to be going to billy bob's - a western, line dancing, country music place.....pity i don't have time to buy my boots yet! but that's for sat and monday (4th of july), one of the trainers from here will be taking us down to see dallas and cooking a home dinner for us!!!!!!!!! yippeeee.....looking forward to that!

also, as i said, final exams were today and i scored 100%%%%%%%%%!!!!! that kinda brought my average up to 98.9% over 5 tests....second highest.....even though in all 5 tests, i only made 2 mistakes.....1 was a michevious question and the other one was pure anyway, there you go, second highest!

breakfast at the hotel is BORING with a capital B! They kinda switch the main dishes around so it's not statically the same everyday but even then, it's at least a repetition of the same thing at least 4 times a week!!

P.S. Haven't taken too many pics so....later ok!

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