Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ok, so on July 5th, with it being a holiday an'all (some Texan there - yoo hoo!), a colleague from the office took us down to see Downtown Dallas. I guess alot of people mistake Lewisville for not being a part of Dallas (I know I did) but it is actually a suburb of Dallas and that is why the main city area is called Downtown Dallas and not just Dallas. It's also known as the Metroplex where there's a whole jumble of different people and culture so there isn't so much of a southern twang or drawl - more's the pity!

Anyway, Downtown Dallas was really hot. I kept thinking to myself that I wouldn't walk in this weather in Malaysia (and it truly felt like we were in Malaysia), why on earth am I walking now?? But anyway, we were visiting and walking's the best way to see and experience everything I guess.

So first we went to the grassy knoll. Which one? Well, m'dears, there's only one worth mentioning! The grassy knoll where JFK got shot near! We saw the 'X' printed onto the road to mark where his car was. There being 3 different locations where the 'X' and its predecessors were marked on really make you think though! Anyway, then we went to see the Sixth Floor Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to have shot from....we didn't actually pay money to go into any museums, including the Conspiracy Museum, which should have been fun.....but anyway, didn't think our hosts wanted to spend money wandering around local museums. So, some of us, I think , are going back there this SECOND LAST weekend to actually visit the museum!

I bought a magazine and had it autographed by the author/photographer which basically lamented the fact that a proper investigation was never carried out to break apart the conspiracy that shrouds JFK's murder! It was cool but rehashed a few photos and choice phrases besides showing a lot of zoomed in, and therefore, unclear photos.

We also saw City Hall, the Swanee Trail with its three different (white, black and Mexican - that's exactly how the guide explained it to us) cowboys running this herd of Longhorns. After which, we had lunch at this cool colourful Mexican place called Chuy's and then went 'shopping' at The Galleria! It is supposed to be a really cool upscale shopping complex where the rich folks visit but the only interesting thing I saw was the surprising presence of so many Asian faces! Waste of time.....

Then our very kind host took us home and cooked us.....dinner (Not cooked us, you sadist!) But anyway, he made a very nice simple Cajun dish with shrimp. We finally let our hosts be about half past nine when they sent us back to the hotel....the kind sirs! And then, the next day, there was 'school' again!!!!! Oh Lordy Help Me!

So, work is ok, people are really cool and nice, homecoming is coming and The Amazing Race 5 has started!!!!!!!! Go Military Dad and Go Sharla (?) Midget Woman! Go Down Pizza Brothers from Dallas!!!

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