Friday, May 27, 2011

Scotty McHotty!

I knew he would win as per my theory of how they 'choose' winners.

To recap, usually they pick the second best to win cos then the AI franchise can work their wheels and the best singer/entertainer, being second, is free of rigid commitments and can make the powers that be lots of money.

In this year's case, McHotty, being a one genre singer, whilst being sexy good, is clearly more limiting in potential marketing, opportunities and genres than Lauren. (purely from the sheer number of types of music Lauren can sing as compared to Scotty).

And so Scotty would be no worse for wear being tied to AI while Lauren was the more flexible, and therefore, more easily marketable and as such, more attractive, candidate for music producers!

I was going to post my prediction and theory but a lack of time leads me to doing this now at 4am.

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