Monday, May 02, 2011

I Vote for Scotty and Lauren

It's true this season's American Idol features the best of the best - there should be a final season where they bring together all those who were fantastic who didn't win - for example - Melinda Doolittle, remember her? And another one is Diana Degarmo - they could also bring back Jennifer Hudson but I don't seem to like her music now - her albums all don't appeal to me.

But for now, my vote's for Scotty and Lauren - I am sure somebody is going to whip up stories about them being teenage sweethearts - that guy Scotty - so young but boy can he flirt! When he sings and holds his head that way and makes his eyes those limpid pools that seem to only see YOU....and then curl his lip abit....hahahahahhaha! Not that I'm susceptible to his charms - I'm a happily married woman!

And Lauren - gets prettier everyday....they first thought they'd make her edgy and rocker but then decided to go down the other path of pretty young girl with a touch of class and elegance - Beautiful! And she sounds good too!
I hate Haley, I think Jacob has lost his magic and James,.....well, gotta give it to James lah, he does sound ok. Who else is left? I think Paul McDonald should have been kept on while Jacob should have left in his place. I think it was a shame Casey left - he sounds wonderful and he takes great risks with his music and with himself. I don't know why the last week's song didn't get him through, I loved it!

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