Monday, May 02, 2011

Rosemary Bites @ Aman Suria

We'd been here for the American Breakfast once before, found it yummylicious, however, the next few times we came by, aiyaks! Always close!! Why???

So, recently, I bought 2 meals there via Milk A Deal and wow was it ever a DEAL! It was RM14.90 for a Soup and Garlic Bread, Columbus Lamb Chop and Lemonade. I had bought the deal sometime in March and only just went last night. We arrived early for dinner - 6pm to avoid the rush and was it the best decision ever! We were the first in the restaurant but it soon filled up veryvery nicely.

We spoke a little bit with the owner and discovered that Breakfast is no longer served cos nobody in that area seems to do American Breakfasts! They kinda all go to Kayu around the corner. But boy, do I miss that, eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and butter Mmmmkkk! And coffee by Illy I think!

So anyway, back to dinner last night - the Wild Mushroom Soup was great - made fresh with a variety of mushrooms and you can tell it's not Campbell's by the colour, the texture, it's authentic home made soup, quite thick though JH preferred it thicker, it was a bit salty to the tongue but yum all the way. The owner also was kind enough to recommend and allow us to change one soup for the Pumpkin Soup of the Day. Oh my god! I never do Pumpkin Soup but this was to die for! It was sweet and textured and felt awesome on the tongue and in the tummy! MUST TRY!

Then came our Lamb - good sized portions for the deal we paid for with a side of salad and good fries. Now these are the big fries which I usually don't like - I like my fries thin like McD's but these were just hot enough, crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside! Even when I'd finished my meat and ate the fries cold, they were still being forked into my mouth. How does one make even cold fries taste good? And the mushroom sauce that went with the lamb was very nice too - the lamb at first, I thought was a bit tough but I still tasted the tenderness nearer to the centre of the cut (think it's the cut that made it a little tougher) and the juices still ran. JH thinks it's the best lamb he's had. I'm sure I have had better but can't remember where and this one at Rosemary Bites passes the test nicely especially at the menu price of RM19.90.... (I think).

We also desperately wanted to try some more so ordered an old classic that is very important to us - Fish and Chips. We managed to try mash instead of Chips since we already had a taste of that. And it was ok - not perfect but ok and JH who's palate has probably tasted like 90% of the world's Fish and Chips thought it was good enough.

The place itself is nicely made up to resemble somewhere in the US - to me actually it looks kinda like a Mexican Canteena. hahahahah's made up but not too much so it's got a nice feel of me being able to be comfortable there in my shorts and sandals reading the mags and enjoying the music. There are enough tables and chairs but they aren't all squished up together and the lighting is soft and cosy. It really feels like the neighbourhood coffeeshop to me where if it expanded and had another store full of armchairs and sofas, it would be like Central Perk from Friends.

The service is excellent, the waiters are proactive, friendly, informative and not overly familiar or hovering all the time asking if every single drop of water is alright.....and the weirdest thing I need to call out is the fact that they've got loads of new magazines - like it's May now, and they have the May editions! Hahahhaha - SUPER COOL!!!!

Rosemary Bites is THE place to visit and revisit - the menu is simple but there's enough to go around......Ironically there are 3 American places all on the same row of shophouses, Betty's Midwest Kitchen is one and Kalamazoo is another. Both kinda suck for me - the first cos of the not too good food and sour faced proprietor, the second cos of the small portions and big prices. Rosemary Bites presents the perfect balance between great tasting food and ambience and price - heck, even if they raised their prices a bit I would still go back! (BUT don't do it, cos I hate it when a place gets big and then they get too big for their boots!)


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