Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Drain Cover is a Lilliputian Head

which basically means, my hairfall rate is through the roof! It's scary to see the trail of hair strands my head leaves....especially when hair is wet. Yucks! My drain cover was a GIANT lilliputian head about 3 weeks ago and now it's become just a normal sized head....It's so bad, I actually cut my hair! So now it's a short short bob!

(It's true - the Chinese saying - when you baby starts blowing bubbles with his saliva, your hair will start to drop) I just hope it knows when to say 'When!!!!'.

Also, I don't think I boasted about this but I achieved pre-pregnancy weight by the time my 3-month maternity leave was up. Now I'm just looking forward to more weight loss to achieve my dream weight....8 more kgs to go!

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