Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol 10

I love Scotty and surprise there since I'm a Country & Western fan...but seriously this year's contestants were all pretty good. I don't feel much for James too - very Adam Lambert but his singing and songs sound the same all the time - the same went for Pia whom, I feel, the public couldn't really relate to - she seems quite cold on stage....and so has left.

I don't understand why Stefano's still there - a voice that's good though common.

I wonder who will be last man standing - Scotty? Lauren? James? Please please- not James!!! Not Stefano!!! Jacob's last latest song Bridge Over Troubled Water was good but the ones before also all sounded same......OKlah, Scotty also sings the same songs, in the same style with the same facial expressions lah......But I love him - SO THERE!

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