Thursday, April 28, 2011


Aiya, so many things I wanted to say and now when I actually have Blogger in front of me, I can't remember a single thing!

Oh yeah, there was a joke my sis told me - whenever one gets new work to complete - hit the DEL button - DELEGATE! HEhehahahahhahaah

Ummm...let's see, I don't have time to do anything much now except watch the baby. Think I'm going through Mall Withdrawal Symptoms! It's been ages since I've actually spent a whole day in the mall like I used to, even JH misses it I think......NOT! Muahahahahhaha....

There seems to be so little time in the day....even to write blog posts...ok, I can't seem to get the juice, shall stop here. and live to write another day. ....byeeee....

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