Friday, July 11, 2008

Inner Termoil

* Before JH pounces on me again for spelling errors, let me just proclaim loud and clear that the (sp) was on purpose! *

Things have been moving quite fast for me, in my personal life, and I guess it's great that I adapt quite easily. Though now, I am faced with a difficult decision that I am, truly, at a loss about.

There are matters close to our hearts for everyone and I now seem to have arrived at a crossroads to decide the action I will take about one of mine. Every time I think about it I feel bad but it is an inevitable decision. I kinda keep hoping for a miracle so that I can sail smoothly across my river of termoil (termoil because it's not completely a BAD Thing, even though it is bad too.....aiya, kinda hard to explain but suffice to say that it isn't as bad as all that that I need to spell the word correctly - yeah, when you live in Errolyn world, things like that make sense).

So anyway, I keep hoping that the light will dawn but somehow I don't think it will. Which seems to leave me in a position where I will have to make a decision that is sad to me. Perhaps when I stop fretting about it so much, an answer will come which is ALSO something I've been hoping for for the past few weeks but there is a little voice at the back of my head that warns me I am just killing time.

Sigh. But I will get through this, I'm sure. I will find a way.

P.S. I just checked my traffic report and thanks to everyone who comes and visits. Now, if you will just remember to return and also remember to click on me ads!!!!

P.S.S. I just checked the Job Guide at work and realise that I don't seem to even earn the market average for my position and scope of work. Now THAT's getting me down almost as much as my 'termoil'! Bleah! Leaves a sour taste in my mouth those pirates!

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