Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last night I was at the Curve/Tesco/mamak shop. I wanted to have some good old nasi kandar. Of course I had to ask for 'half rice' (read: Errolyn is too fat, therefore needs to eat less than a butterfly does). Then of course, I had to have my sotong (squid) - I mean it was the only reason I was having nasi kandar anyway! Two please!
And some bendi (lady's fingers - the sign very clearly indicated that 2 pieces of that would cost me 80sen - this bringing some sort of shock to me cos I usually have about 4.....but last night, moi was NOT about to pay RM1.60 (the cost of a perfectly respectable nasi lemak bungkus!!!!) for them. And 1 fried egg. (Yeah, I like my fried eggs - mata kerbau)

The total cost of my meal excluding the cost of drinks - a WHOPPING, UNBELIEVABLE, DOUBLE WHAMMY RM12.80! Hesus Jones - at this rate, I might as well eat at my condo cafe!!!!

Here's the breakdown:

RM0.8/2 bendi
RM2/fried egg

Yuppers! Now, the next time someone asks me out - I AM NOT GOING THERE! You KAYU me once, you won't KAYU me again! No wonder every other table was only having roti canai!

(P.S. Even JH who loves his fried eggs, thought RM2 was TOO.MUCH for one!)



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