Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Starved For A Buck??

WoW! I promised myself I'd write about Starbucks on Saturday and I completely forgot about it til today! It was a normal Saturday night and JH and I ambled over to the Starbucks at The Curve. Perhaps I should have heeded the premonition when he suggested having coffee at Dome instead but…..well….

I don't know if it's the price increase or the 'conscientiousness' of the barista but my Grande coffee came Tall. Yup, you read right - half the mug was filled with whipped cream. I was so upset! I wanted to walk on over to the counter but JH didn't want me to make a scene. I mean come on Starbucks. You can afford to give your customers who pay anywhere between RM5-RM13.90 for your coffees a real coffee right? It's just shameful, I've never had to stinge on my coffee before but heck, now the bloodthirsty sharks are out for even more of my coffee….Well! your little plan backfired! I am not going to spend more money buying your coffee just because you tried to fool me into it by giving me just a little bitty coffee my first mug around. And BOY, did you screw over the WRONG coffee drinker!

So, watch your mugs everyone - is it half full or half empty?

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Anonymous said...

Man Errolyn - when that has happened to me - I just ask for more coffee and every single time they fill it up. Also when I go for Cappacinno I ask for it wet which means more coffee and less foam. Now calm down!