Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to Start Blogging

So you've decided to do it and are now actually on your first step - where else to check out how to start blogging except from the ones who already do huh?

Ever since Blogging got big, there have been millions who have joined the fray and hundreds of thousands who have dropped by the wayside....just blog hop and you will come across so many that have only a few posts to their (Blog)name and many more who last wrote in Feb 2008.....

So in the first place, let's just find out if Blogging really is for you - or if you'd prefer fly-fishing, potato-couching, writing music or collecting stamps instead. Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. Do I like to write?
2. Do I really feel like I have something to say (not necessarily profound earth-changing views but just the teeniest interest in sharing your thoughts with 'the people out there'?
3. Do I usually start things without finishing them?
4. Do I have regular access to a computer and the WWW?
5. Do I write well?

Hahhahahaha - ok, the last one was just thrown in as a bonus question!

Even for those of you who aren't too sure of yourself and your interests, you can try blogging because it CAN grow on you. Although like I've seen it lamented before - bloggers who slag off, usually do not de-register their blog names (can you do that?) and thus monopolise blognames that others could very well use.

I'm no blog expert but I do like to write and I think I write oklah....I also like to think I have interesting nuggets to share with my readers (although there was a 'friend' who said my blog was 'eehh' as compared to another friend's blog). There are so many blog 'services' out there - ummmm, blogger, wordpress, i.ph, etc. and I guess it's important to choose one that you like.

Then there are those who love taking pictures - I used to be very paranoid about writing and showing anything remotely personal but heck, there are so many out there doing even more 'PERSONAL' stuff so I'm sure my stuff isn't going to warrant a YouTube search....but it's still important to remember that it's never good to give out too many details about yourself! (Although I personally think my friend thinks my blog is 'eehh' cos I don't have many pics in it....yeah, I don't have a camera growing out of my cheek thanks very much!)

Your blog can be about anything - alot of people write about their lives and alot also write about their hobbies - so you have to decide what you want your blog to be about and then ...., just write! Seriously JUST WRITE!

It isn't difficult - it just takes an interest!

(And for those of you who think my topic today is just to generate more traffic to my site, you're RIGHT! Hahhahahahahah - hopefully, once they read my stuff, they'll pop by more often - or link to me!!! ;)

AND click on my ads!!! Geez, how am I ever going to afford that trip to Alaska if you guys don't click????? )

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