Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When Life is Funny When It Shouldn't Be!

Ok, it is not funny when I see women twice my age ‘jogging’, ‘running’ ‘climbing the hill’ furiously and (it would seem) effortlessly on a stationery bike in a Spinning Class, when I am struggling to continue to keep my legs pumping!

It would look like the only floor space that’s not been rained on by sweat is the radius around my bike! Gosh, 1 hour of spinning is enough to make you lose 3 dinners I’m sure. And moi has to endure it because moi hates the treadmill with a passion. I try and I try, but I can’t sustain the interest in the staid old treadmill when I could be dancing away in Line Dancing, stretching away in Pilates, huffing away in BodyPump or even just plain old working out on the machines……..

I know, I’m running like an old record already with my misadventures in the gym, time to write about something new huh?! Well, before I leave the gym topic, I’ve got two more things to say:

1. Seen a few GOOD LOOKING guys in the gym; but of course way too shy to even really look them in the face!

2. Joke: Conversation trying to introduce a colleague named Jim to my gym,
“So, is Jim with a gym?”
“No, Jim is not with a gym.”
“Oh, is Jim with a Hank then?”

Alrighty then, let’s see what else has happened – petrol price has gone up by a dastardly 30 sen, making me have to sacrifice at least 2 pairs of beautiful shoes a month (I’m sure!).

Discovering and lamenting that grocery shopping for one is painful and self-sacrificing. I can’t buy anything that’s too big or comes in too much quantity – waste not, want not! Once, I couldn’t buy bananas because they came in a full comb and I knew for sure I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole thing before the maggoty enemies came along!

Also, I’m buying loaves of bread that I can’t really finish and I’ve not bought eggs in a carton because I’m trying to buy individual ones from the nearby kedai runcit. It’s so sad!

Anyway, can’t really believe but it’s been 7 months since the fateful day when I became single again – it sounds like such a long time but oddly, it doesn’t feel as long. However, thinking back on some episodes that have occurred since then, it makes me wonder how the heck I lasted so long doing what I did.

Adios for now – stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of (Ta! Ta!!! Ta!!!!!!!) Gym Girl!!!

Btw, planning a really exciting event in my life – rather frightening but definitely exciting! Can’t wait!

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