Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Errolyn's Big News!!!

Haiya! It wasn’t frightening at all! Everybody exaggerated about it the fear and the pain and the agony and the indecision (albeit they did also talk about the joy of it) …….and in the end, I just went and said “Yes” and it wasn’t fearful at all!

Wheeeeeee! It was so exciting and I am a bit surprised and not surprised at myself and the swift decision I made. I mean after all, it is a life long commitment! I have always thought about it on and off for some time now and then recently of course, the desire was very strong and I kept telling myself I will just go out and do it. I will just make the decision and commit. Then the desire would ebb but come again, people would talk to me and I would think, ‘hmmmmmm’. But then, one day I woke up and I thought, that’s it! The new Errolyn is going to do things differently from now on, live life more and experience more and my first step towards that – is making this commitment.

Strange and a little ironic – the first step to my ‘freedom’ and experiencing life free as a bird is to make an emphatic decision to be tied down to something for the rest of my life. And it isn’t even a small something!

But I am happy and am now in the throes of wonderment – my first few days of walking on air and checking and looking at it and checking and looking and going ‘mmmmmmm, FINALLY’!!!!!!!!!

I know people are shocked, friends and family – they never thought I’d just jump straight in and do it but I have now and there’s nothing I can do to change it anymore so:



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