Tuesday, March 28, 2006

When is it worth it to KILL?

(This happened 28 March 06)

Last night I had a cappuccino. Then I couldn’t sleep until some wee hour of the morning, then I had a bad dream where a fortune teller was telling me my life would be full of sadness and he was so taken in that HE started crying.

So, I couldn’t sleep again and decided heck I’d come to work early. And guess what – on my way in Puchong I got stuck in a long long jam.

Apparently there had been an accident early in the morning and 4 people had died – a colleague saw the bodies on the road (I think she’s got to mandi bunga or something cos this is the umpteenth time she’s seen dead bodies on the road!!!!!!!). Anyway, I came across a poor little kancil all beaten up and smashed and crumpled and folded and cut about. It made me think that which ever poor soul was in there, would have kicked the b*cket for sure!

Of course I don’t know if the kancil was in the wrong, doing something reckless or plain fell asleep OR if it was the innocent party in a road journey gone awry. But it definitely gets me all riled up and I howl ‘UNFAIR’ when I think about the many innocent parties who don’t reach home due to somebody’s selfish, inconsiderate, irresponsible act of mayhem. Why do we not call road terrors terrorists? Because they sure as heck act on purpose and they spread terror and pain and fear like the plague.

Ever since growing older, I’ve had this great fury in me for people who have been wronged – people who have died because someone else couldn’t care less. I wonder if these terrorists feel shame or responsibility or pain? I wonder how the rest of a victim’s life carries on – his family, his friends, his pets, his hobbies, his loves.

I’m still thinking about this and on the way to Cyberjaya when I see a black car zoooooooooooooooooooooming at high speed along the road cutting in and out between cars trying to get to work as soon as he can. He’s just seen the same accident I have but that hasn’t taught him anything or made him realize arriving late to work is nothing compared to never seeing your family again and nothing compared to making somebody else not see their family again.

When will people stop and stare and learn the lesson life is trying to teach them?

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