Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It isn't the year 2005 anymore......

It’s the new year and there are so many things that are already awaiting my magic touch! 2006 is the Year of the Dog – not so good for my sign (my friends and I are definitely in need of some good time damn it!) but I guess whenever we try really hard to make the best of things, somehow or other things work out better right?

Since the PPSReview is still on hiatus, I thought I’d take a fan’s advice and do my own Recap of 2005! I know it’s late in the coming with it already being February huh, but then better late than never and I did start this post way back on Jan 3!!!! Anyways, just thought it would be a waste to just dump this.

The past year has been very very crazy, my most trying year to date. I had good things happen and bad things happen which sound quite mundane right – heck that happens every year – but the good things were fantastic and the bad things were hellish so I reckon, they deserve a mention!

When your life has pretty much been smooth sailing and you’ve never really had tough times or life problems to deal with (think poverty, starvation, death, critical illness….), then I guess one can get to being 29 without being equipped with the skills to weather crazy events. Thank god for family and friends is all I can say!

This year started off with a bang – I was promoted to a managerial position, one I had to apply for and write a paper for and get interviewed for….my bad point is that I keep obsessing about my areas of development instead of seeing the good things about myself and my efforts, but this time around, somewhere in the first quarter of the year, I thought that hey! I actually did this on my own; I worked hard, proved myself and people out there actually thought I was good enough to be promoted! So, that was one good thing……then of course, I discovered I wasn’t very happy, sometimes it feels like I can do more productive things with my life than worry about people being on MC or playing truant……and that was quite a big problem which dogged me throughout the year. No joke man!

I had mood swings worse than a menopausal woman and probably irritated the heck out of my best colleague and close friends with my whining and groaning and crying!

Professionally I wasn’t happy, but personally I was …. then I wasn’t. And that was a double/triple/quadruple whammy. But I guess in the end, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Errolyn’s Resolution this New Year is : To be happy and to do anything in my power to ensure that state perpetuates.

Update as of 8 Feb to Errolyn’s Resolution – 80% kept but sometimes there is an attack of the hormones where Errolyn breaks down. Seems to be a contagious thing within Errolyn’s Circle of Friends. Hahahahahahaha, good to know somebody understands and can relate.

To be Continued: What Makes Errolyn Happy

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