Monday, February 13, 2006

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Hello All,

If you will note, I am writing this 1 day after Chap Goh Mei! Shows you my sense of timing huh? Or maybe shows you my availability for dates with the computer....heheheheeee....finally get a chance today to come home early from work and check email!

Anyways, I get a feeling that Chinese New Year is getting so quiet these days - not much Lion Dance, not much food, not much Angpow......aiya, shouldn't be saying so many 'not much's. But heck, it's true isn't it. The euphoria and excitement that used to accompany this much-anticipated period of celebration of the new year has waned beyond belief. It is even worse considering that my new year celebrations were never very 'lau juak' (read: happening, crazy, noisy) to begin with. The fact that they have gotten more and more quiet is really sad!

But then, maybe as you get older, what's important is the quality of people you do actually get to meet up with and hang out with instead of the running around 35 different houses collecting ang pows - anyway, at my age, it's a bit embarrassing to still be getting ang pows!

Instead I spent Chinese New Year meeting up with my friends who came back from around the world - one friend wasn't around (we seem to always be missing one) but we had fun nonetheless (we missed you though Szups!) We laughed about old times and of course there is the usual lament re men and work. What else is new huh?

I guess we had quite different ideas when we were younger about how our lives and situations would be by the time we hit the big 3-0!!!! Instead 1 friend flew off to New York City, New York and the other 3 sat around a hand-packed pint of Baskin Robbins and finished it in 1 hour! Hehehehehehe, the simple pleasures of life - IS CHOCOLATE BETTER THAN SEX?????

I came back to work so early as well and now it's past Chap Goh Meh and tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I had decided 2 weeks ago, not to accept any invitations to Valentine's Outings since there isn't anybody I really like well enough to go out on a special date with (- so full of weight and meaning and possible misunderstandings). There is one invitation I would accept though - couldn't resist if I tried, if wild horses tried to drag me away.......but that will never come .

I know I still owe a list about what makes Errolyn happy - a short note:

1. Roller coasters
2. Really scary movies
3. Beautiful scenery
4. Cute animals (dogs, roly poly animals)
5. A good joke
6. Good wit
7. Pampering
8. Love
9. A passionate kiss
10. A gentle loving kiss (on the forehead)
11. A ruffle of the hair
12. Massages
13. Great, true friends
14. Coffee
15. Diamonds
16. A fantastic pair of shoes

See, it ain't difficult to make myself happy! :)))))))

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