Sunday, April 27, 2003

Dear Everyone,

If you have been unable to acccess my may be because you need to get a Yahoo Id....which means you need to sign up for a Yahoo account or something....
Hi ya!!!!!...again! Have bought a whole day pass to the Internet Cafe so I won't have to rush things this time! Anyways, have got some new pics up on Besides that, there are also some on Some of yous (Scottish slang) may not be able to access the sites...don't know why since I have given full access but anyways; for those who can; enjoy!

So, yesterday (Saturday) went shopping in Glasgow the whole day and I never spent so much money shopping in Edinburgh so Glasgow is fantastic for shopping. It's more affordable and there are just so many things to buy all on that one street. Don't know what the name of the street is but...well, we didn't go anywhere else in Glasgow. Had to rush back for a night out and I willingly had drinks last night! And I didn't get drunk but tottered about on my high-heeled new boots which I bought for 10GBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Glasgow! (See what I mean by shopping haven?)

Let's see, what else...this weekend I am free and easy, whiling my time away in Edinburgh but this afternoon, I will meet up with some colleagues and have home-cooked haggis! Well, I told Jenn (my hostess) that she needed to slaughter and dissect a sheep in order to YANK out the intestines and offal to cook but she side-stepped me and will be buying a store-made haggis to pop into the microwave. Aiya! But nevertheless, am looking forward to this afternoon though. Easy hanging about unlike the last few weekends where we have spent so much time rushing and sight-seeing and buying and basically just getting darn tired!

It was my dad's birthday on 23rd April and he has just told me that he has stopped smoking for 1 month now! Am so proud of him!
Also, a friend just told me about a new relationship. Congrats! Hope you will still think of me though!

This coming weekend, a colleague and I will be off to London for 3 days and we hope to take in all or at least most of London's sights as well as a musical. Les Miserables or Chicago or my favourite of all time, Miss Saigon. We'll see. And I will let everyone know about all that has happened on this site......or at least I will when I get the opportunity to write!

Am a little upset with my camera though. I didn't know when it was bought that it couldn't save the editing changes I made to my pics. So alot of times, I would probably have to edit it, save it to a diskett and then send it to the photo shop for a print. So, guys when you see the pics, don't criticise eh....cos I will be editing and printing them out for all to savour!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Hi ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have had a lovely time visiting the Highlands and last long Easter weekend (we were off from Fri-Mon), we flew up to Amsterdam and Paris!!!!!!!! Amsterdam was kind crowded and dirty and quite a few of the sights were hours away but we managed to occupy ourselves....somehow! ;) Saw a 'show' but damn was it tame. I must say I expected a lot more and I guess I would have been better off watching Thai shows. The people were friendly though and they spoke English which was a life-saver. I can say this now cos my next destination, Paris, left a lot lacking from the people.

They were unfriendly and unhelpful to people who looked different and didn't speak their language. At least that was the impression I got. It's basically a very ingrained, natural reserve, aloofness and arrogance that they carry with them that just doesn't jibe with the fact that so many people, from ALL parts of the world visit Paris. I may not have been there for very long but I covered the normal tourist sights. DIdn't have time to visit the museums so maybe I can't say that I have been to the Musee Dorsay or the Louvre but at least I have seen the outside and I have been up the Eiffel Tower.

I kinda feel like the more I travel, the more I see and experience, the more I appreciate how beautiful and lucky Malaysia and her people actually are. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently! We are a world-class country in terms of customer service, food and people. I cannot even begin to compare how readily we help foreigners and how exciting our food is when compared to everywhere else. Perhaps it is because not alot that I try is new since we get such a cosmopolitan atmosphere in Malaysia.

I miss my family so much and I miss my home and food in Penang. I am enjoying spending my free money here in Scotland and wherever I may get the fancy and time to travel to but what I wouldn't do to curl up at home on the living room sofa and watch Astro with my mum and chat with my dad. Age and maturity really gets you missing home.

Life is very busy here. I have been here 3 weekends and always feel like I don't have enough tiem to do anything. Every weekend, we are out exploring and spending and time just flies. Half my training stint here is gone already and I have only updated my blog like 3 times. Kinda hard too when there's no email/Internet in the office or near the hotel! The only thing I haven't tried here yet is the drinking and visiting the pubs! Seems like a LOT of drinking goes on here in Scotland.........

Am trying to upload more pics but I know a lot of people out there cannot access my pics. Well, guess I will have to do something about that when I return and meet up with my techie genius but in the meantime, I am sorry cos I to share so much with you guys!

By the way, visiting places is so much cooler when you're with a loved one so take heed!

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Monday, April 07, 2003

P.S. Check out
The Scotland Album! Have lots of other photos on other people's camera and yet to be uploaded. Patience!
Hello everyone! As some of you may know, on my trip here, I had to transit in Changi Airport and last week, when I started coughing and nose running as well as a slight fever, I had a bit of a scare but it's all gone now and I am fine.....(to those of you who care!).

Anyways, it has been a week since I have been here and two weekends both of which we have spend walking around Edinburgh City Centre. The shops here close at 6pm and some are closed on Sunday but I think we have covered a whole lot of the city. When I first arrived, I was abit of a jakun cos I kept going 'Wah!' at the architecture but now I know that so much of the city is like that. Was supposed to go to Glasgow today cos it seems to have fantastic shopping but our team kinda decided we've had too much spending and walking lately so we just went for a bit of a scare.....went to the Edinburgh Dungeon tour!

Cost us 8 pound fifty and wasn't half worth it since it wasn't scary and wasn't nearly long enough but we are planning to go on a Witchery tour and Haunted Trails tour so that hopefully will make up for it though trust me, all these are not cheap!

It's sale time now but we haven't been buying alot cos am trying to save for travelling around.

Took some pictures of Scott Memorial and Nelson Monument and walked and walked and walked. Princes Street is the main shopping street here and it's kinda like Bukit Bintang except cold and therefore, you don't get tired so fast! Today it's 11 degrees C and we kinda got lost after locating Holyrood Palace but not going in and walking up a large large hill but only getting halfway! I must say, from today's experience, there are not alot of public toilets around so if you're holding yourself in, it's a bit of a difficult job! Hahahahhahaha

Let's see...what else. I am staying at the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh and the time here is 7 hours behind Malaysia. Anyone wanna call me, can contact me at 10-11pm at night (my time)!

I miss my family, my dear dear friends and even my HDPM new colleagues! Surprising especially since I've only met them like 1.5 months ago! But you guys are great! Lots of love to Mum, Dad, Jan, Kong Wai, Dzof, Khat, Nigel, Elene, Vivien, Lisa, Thing May, Szu Ping, Melinda, Rena, Ah Tiong, Keat, Nicky.......

I hope to lose weight with all this walking the way, shall I have a poll to see if you guys wanna see a pic of me in my spanking new black bikini???????????

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Thursday, April 03, 2003

Dear All,

Scotland is fantastic! I love the cold and am currently planning for all my other trips! To Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, Ireland.... any must-visits?

I have tried haggis, have tried black pudding which is blood and am trying very hard to hold back my bladder as I write this!

The flight was horrendously long....Singapore to London was 14 hours and in an Economy seat, you know it ain't cool! I was squirming around so mucha dn wondering how the heck the big people managed to manage it.

I have walked around Edinburgh quite a bit and have taken quite a few photos....check them out at It's a public album so eat your heart out!

I will write more and I love it here! Am staying at the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh. Can call me if you guys want! Hahhahaha...Ms Tan in Room 442.

Miss me anybody????????????