Wednesday, July 03, 2002 eCentral: News & Features

Yes! I saw this performance when the rest of the world was cheering for Brazil and maybe Germany for Germany! ;)

Yuan Yuan Tan really brings an excellent polished essence to the stage the moment she steps from the wings. I especially enjoyed her 'Habanera' solo which, according to the programme, was choreographed by Choong Wan Chin to music from 'Carmen'. It was cheeky and balletic without being slapstick (as much slapstick as ballet can get...) It was wonderful really. She had these long graceful arms and legs and it was enough to see her dance that one solo.

Her second act, the pas de deux with David Arce for some reason or another, failed to shine as much as her solo did. She seemed almost irritated with him....don't know if he was as 'accomplished' a dancer as she was...therefore. I think I saw her wobble once on her supporting foot...he must not have been paying attention. Because we all know a principal does not want to dance with a member of the corps de ballet right? Unless he is exceptionally talented and promising or good looking. David Arce did not dance enough that night to warrant an evaluation either way.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Choong Wan Chin's work. The 'Circus Dream' and 'The Ghost and His Face' were refreshing and fun.

And after the performance, I was pampered with strawberries and cream outside the theatre (auditorium) lucky can one get huh?!

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