Tuesday, June 25, 2002

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The topic this week is Windtalkers or Wintalkers according to a cinema in MId Valley Megamall. The premise of the story promises to be tear-jerker with lots of insightful, inner contemplation in man that so often draws the crowds. However, this movie was unnecessarily long and not tear-jerking to boot.

Nicholas Cage plays Joe Enders, a hardened stoic soldier who has the deaths of his former soldiers weighing heavily on his conscience and Adam Beach plays Ben Yahzee, a Navajo language code talker and a fresh patriot eager to do his part for his country and his family. Of course, the story pits these two men together against the world, or in this case, against the Japanese. Enders is duty-bound to protect Yahzee (read: THE CODE) at all costs. You get an inkling that this is why Enders does not allow himself to get too close and personal with Yahzee. However, the pervasiveness of this emotion runs throughout the movie...so much so that at the end of it all, you conclude that the objective of the movie doesn't get fulfilled. The audience does not see the inner turmoil and struggle a man has to go through in deciding to betray his man or his country. The audience does not share the indecision and guilt Enders fights with from the past and from the present. I think the audience pretty much leaves the cinema how they entered it.

Needless to say, the chemistry between Cage and Beach is not palpable. One would do better to watch the camaraderie between Ox Anderson (Christian Slater) and Charlie Whitehorse (Roger Willie). They portray more of the brotherhood one would expect from war buddies. Cage just comes across as a tired uninspired human but the opposite as a soldier. There is a smattering of scenes where Enders and Yahzee try to bond and act human but the end-result has a lot that can be improved.

My friend, when watching the trailer, concluded that Ben Yahzee was sure to die and/but guess what......Yes, I actually meant 'guess'!

Anyhow, what's this weird coincidence with me and 'Ender' huh?
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