Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Well, this is the first of 'four' weeks at my new project and yesterday was the first day. Everything seemed ok and the people are cool but the Internet connectivity here is the PITS. I only wish I was a techie and was able to tweak around until I could get things working to my liking.

Other than that, life is pretty mundane now although a couple of days ago, I did break one of my nails....down into my nail bed. So it bled and hurt and hurt and bled. Now I am just kinda stuck to it not getting wet. This morning, out of sheer desperation, (am unsure why hair salons near my place don't open after 7pm), I had to wash my hair one-handed....wonder if that's a record! :)

Anyway, good luck to me at my new work place and to everybody else who's trying out new things!


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