Friday, November 13, 2009

Today is a Holiday

Hi - it's been a while and I HAVE felt guilty - obviously just not guilty enough to log in when I get home. It's kinda tedious, I spend the whole day tearing around the office, getting around all the red tape and paperwork (in this day and age can you believe it?), even though I have so many topics to share, I just can't seem to wanna switch the computer on. And I have gotten emails about here I am, on a holiday - writing.

I just got home from a business trip, yesterday I spent a LOT of time watching Sex And The City (hmmm....for a moment there, I was it 'Sex IN the City'.....). It's amazing how Sarah Jessica Parker can maintain Carrie Bradshaw the way she was from the very first Season to the very last....And now, because I've jumped straight from the Serial to the Movie, I can see, Miranda looks better, like she's come into herself and just looks better, more confident and content....(well, to me she was never the looker of the show but in the Season 6 - especially when Big comes and talks to the girls about going after HIS girl in Paris - Miranda looked really good in that scene - I kept wondering if her eyes always looked like that!) Carrie looks a bit older but her mannerisms, the way she talks, walks is all the same.......she has that same style of talking about her that the Friends tease Ross about.....not that they both share the same style but that they each have their style and it's never changed.

Carrie is so cute - she makes me want to walk the way she does - or should I say she's full of life and joie de'vivre, with a little hop, skip and jump.

Ok, I don't know why I'm writing about Sex And the City.....I meant to come in at different times today to just write. I'm 'On Holiday' cos I've contracted Conjunctivities in my left eye. Not the first time in my life and not the first time from contact lense wear. Anyways, it's swollen, itchy, pus-sy (NOT 'pussy') and oozing some times.....Yahoo!!!! S-E-X-Y!!!!!

And I'm so busy at work too -sigh!!! It's a good thing no one else uses this computer, or else I'll have to Dettolise it.

Hmmm...sitting in front of the window now, it's a nice overcast day but still with light just not heat and watching the men outside clean the place - the neighbourhood has these landscape's a nice feeling, just sitting here with my coffee 3-in-1 and watching the daily grind....

Ok - more later.....Toodles.

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