Friday, November 27, 2009

RUMBLES of Mumbles

Today is a holiday - I had plans to go to the Big Bad Book Sale but saw a report in the newspaper that it was jam packed - JH advised not to go and get stuck in all that.....too bad, I was really looking forward to it - I've never heard of a book sale being so difficult to get to! Anyway, there is another reason why I'm abit down, besides the fact that JH is working today and we can't spend some time together when it's not a weekend. You know how you get that extra delicious feeling when you get a day off that isn't a weekend? It's like sneaky and extra fun cos you know it isn't normal????

Well, anyway, I was doing a bit of math and realise that I don't think I'm saving anything these days....I've gone from a massive saver to a 'cutting my coat beyond my cloth' person!!! I don't even know how it happened. What with paying for the mortgage and the maintainence and my car and various other things......what does it mean? That I need to get a new job? I think I am earning way below my potential here but am not sure what I need to get into to earn what I should earn.

I thought I was doing good but I don't think so anymore.....Suze Orman on the Oprah show just said, try to live on half your salary for 6 months.....I can't do that on my nett salary - as it is I am over it I believe hence me concluding that I don't think I am saving ANYTHING these days! She also said we oughta have an emergency fund 8 times our monthly salary. ACK! Scary - am I missing something here?

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