Sunday, November 15, 2009

Skinfood Cosmetics and Skincare

My mum always maintains that my skin looked its most glowing and radiant and healthy a few years ago when I used Skinfood. They have the most delicious gorgeous packaging - everything is made to be like food - hence the name. I really liked their Pumpkin face cream but after using one jar, I went back just to find out that they didn't sell it anymore! So instead I bought this icky little Su Cream (Blackberry or something). Cost me like RM80 and apparently it was a new product....expensive at that - for Skinfood.

One week ago, I was browsing in Skinfood again - they always look Soooooo Goodddd! And their Chocolate Facial Foam is to dieeee for!!! YUM!

Ok, anyway, a week ago, I was browsing and I.SAW.THE.PUMPKIN.CREAM.AGAIN!!! But THIS TIME it was retailing for RM60 (I believe the old price was RM48 or thereabouts). So, clever old me kinda thought - I take away a product, I bring it back after a respectable interval, I've 'improved the formula in it' and I sell it for a higher price......I mean, I'm not SAYING anything, just THINKING ALOUD. Whaddya think?

I have noticed that they are changing their products alot - and getting more expensive as they cycle through.....Worth 10 sen huh?!

Btw, I love the MAC mascara. I also just bought Maybelline's UNSTOPPABLE Curly Extension Mascara for RM28.00 (on discount) at Watson's and I really like it too! I figured I already have the length - I need some curl gurl! It goes on nicely, the brush is a nice size with nice brush bristles that coat nicely. The black colour looks good -I wonder what Gold mascara looks like.....or brownish lah....

JH thinks I'm defacing the Mona Lisa!

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