Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sakai Ourselves-lah!

If you speak Hokkien, you'd probably understand my title. If not, think ~knocking on your own head with your knuckles~...

I've lamented the quality of this Japanese place before....last Sunday, for god only knows what reason, I had the clever idea of going to eat there again - this time the outlet at The Curve.....I had already been quite hungry from 10am but waited til 11.30am for this place to open.

Sigh, I took the exact same thing I complained about before - the sushi that only had topping on one piece and the other one was an empty or rather 'topless' beancurd rice.

JH ordered some scallop newbie and we had some other stuff.....the bill came to RM60 over for the two of us (do we overdo things???). Sigh, things have NOT improved - we've decided to award it with the 'AEK' prize. From now on - JH and ET's 'AEK' list.....

So far the awardees are:
1. Sakai Sushi
2. Pizza One

(all names are changed to protect the privacy of these establishments). AHEM!

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