Saturday, September 05, 2009

PRIVACY for some but not others - the ironies of life!

AIyoyoyoyyo - since the phishing scam - I've been paranoid and changing my passwords and logins everywhere and forgetting what I put in! Sheesshhh!

I actually don't have much to write about, just checking in and fooling around... Oh yeah! I should mention something - you know when you get your bills for utilities that you use like credit cards and handphone bills and usually the organisation provides you with a reply 'Cheque' envelope duly addressed back to their payment centres and free postage?? Well, I've just recently started using a new bank's credit card - an international bank and guess what! I realise they provide a blank envelope AND no postage!!!!!!!

I was thinking it would be much much easier to pay them since they only have one branch in the whole of KL and even so, located in a terrible far away place (from me).....but no! They're too cheap to even be friendly with customers like that! Sheeesh!

What else do I want to gripe about - let's face is really spotty! I never really had a problem with acne before in my entire life, but perhaps due to my 'bragging' nature about having gone for only 10 facials in my entire life and not having bad skin during this or that time of the month.....I'm getting payback! And IN A BIG WAY!!!!!!!! Ever since the wedding, I've been having these quite terrible breakouts with big zits right on my cheeks, near my eyeline.....sian! I really look quite fugly now with my glasses, bad hair, bad skin, fat body....... :(

I've been on youtube recently - voyeuring, not posting......and I don't know if I've mentioned this but I found kandee the makeup artist who is quite cool and another girl - aubrey who looks Filipino but lives in the States.....the first one I saw of her was a bad one where she was trying to curl her short hair.....I think she wasn't in the mood for a shoot so the chemistry was off, the charm was missing and witty banter? Elek! But then I saw some other ones.....and she can be quite addictive! She's got 4000 subscribers! I mused out loud to JH - wonder if I just sat in front of the camera, people would subscribe to my channel.....just sit there and look pretty - oh, sorry, fugly now....perhaps I'll be the digital circus freak?

Anyway, I like to watch youtube for great singing talents like Charice (whom I've blogged about before....but is scarily MATURE for her age), Project Runway episodes and make up and hair how-tos.....though I never use the tips but I love watching 'the magic'!

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