Thursday, April 23, 2009


I tell you I am bloody sick of Digi!!! Their signal sucks and even though I am on a special discounted line between myself and hubby, our bills still run to the RM100s!!!! I don't understand this?? We're supposed to have discounts between us Digi freaking zens but I don't see the discount reflected anywhere!!!

Hubby's recent bill had a RM10 discount - for all that he calls me, no way there is only RM10 worth of calls that can be discounted!

And when I try to check our bills on their so-called All Convenient Online Customer Service (OCS) whaddya know - it's OFFLINE from 19 - 30 April.

I am telling you - if you are not on Digi - don't go there and if you are, do think of switching. I just told JH that we oughta get rid of DIGI, I don't care to which provider we go to - just anywhere BUT DIGI - Disgustingly Inefficient Gila Idiot!

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Tinky Winky said...

Port to Maxis :)