Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Noelle-Maine Fashions

They've got alot of new stuff in but some of my favourites are the 'Antique Bird' and one lacy one....I seem to like the older stuff more than the newer stuff. And of course alot of them fit nice long slim girls like the models on the website, I need to see some fat girl things!!!!!!!

(Oklah, maybe not fat girl lah but definitely fleshy-licious!!!) ;)

Cool Movies that Rock My World (not!!!)

Do not watch Journey To The Centre of the Earth and most definitely, do not spend extra money to catch the 3-D version!

Perhaps it was my bad idea to watch a 1.45am show but I arrived wide awake and left refreshed after a nice snooze! Hahahahha

Also there is no real compelling need to watch Hancock. I thought I would always like any movie Will Smith was in but this one....hmmmm......I know he was trying to do something different - the anti-hero role so to speak but it didn't gel with my image of him....this dirty, boozy, unkempt person....Even when he was Mr Happyness and down and out, he was still well turned out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something Sweet and Nice

I found something for online shopping that I really like and it's right here in Malaysia!!! It's called Noelle Maine Fashion and it's got these cute little dresses and tops and they're all affordable too! It's not often I scroll down a Malaysian website and find stuff I like but those on NM are cool - well, so far anyway......

I would say the stuff they offer on the site is suitable for 18 - 30 year olds and yes, those of you counting may be scratching their heads a little - but they still appeal to me tooooo wonder of wonders!

Check it out!!

Catchy Sites

I was blog hopping and found this wonderful site 'Blogging MomSense' - it's got everything I love - shopping, saving, coupons and vouchers - the only reason why I could love it more would be if it was tailored to the Malaysian market!!!!

Also, this one 'Be Centsable' - again, for all the same reasons as above.

I am always tickled by other people's witticisms.....such wonderful blog titles!

Here's mine for today:

Uncle Pat (from Malaysian newspaper fame) = Uncle Pet!

Muah ha ha ha ha!

(Don't like mine? Yeah, whatever!)


Last night I was at the Curve/Tesco/mamak shop. I wanted to have some good old nasi kandar. Of course I had to ask for 'half rice' (read: Errolyn is too fat, therefore needs to eat less than a butterfly does). Then of course, I had to have my sotong (squid) - I mean it was the only reason I was having nasi kandar anyway! Two please!
And some bendi (lady's fingers - the sign very clearly indicated that 2 pieces of that would cost me 80sen - this bringing some sort of shock to me cos I usually have about 4.....but last night, moi was NOT about to pay RM1.60 (the cost of a perfectly respectable nasi lemak bungkus!!!!) for them. And 1 fried egg. (Yeah, I like my fried eggs - mata kerbau)

The total cost of my meal excluding the cost of drinks - a WHOPPING, UNBELIEVABLE, DOUBLE WHAMMY RM12.80! Hesus Jones - at this rate, I might as well eat at my condo cafe!!!!

Here's the breakdown:

RM0.8/2 bendi
RM2/fried egg

Yuppers! Now, the next time someone asks me out - I AM NOT GOING THERE! You KAYU me once, you won't KAYU me again! No wonder every other table was only having roti canai!

(P.S. Even JH who loves his fried eggs, thought RM2 was TOO.MUCH for one!)



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to Start Blogging

So you've decided to do it and are now actually on your first step - where else to check out how to start blogging except from the ones who already do huh?

Ever since Blogging got big, there have been millions who have joined the fray and hundreds of thousands who have dropped by the wayside....just blog hop and you will come across so many that have only a few posts to their (Blog)name and many more who last wrote in Feb 2008.....

So in the first place, let's just find out if Blogging really is for you - or if you'd prefer fly-fishing, potato-couching, writing music or collecting stamps instead. Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. Do I like to write?
2. Do I really feel like I have something to say (not necessarily profound earth-changing views but just the teeniest interest in sharing your thoughts with 'the people out there'?
3. Do I usually start things without finishing them?
4. Do I have regular access to a computer and the WWW?
5. Do I write well?

Hahhahahaha - ok, the last one was just thrown in as a bonus question!

Even for those of you who aren't too sure of yourself and your interests, you can try blogging because it CAN grow on you. Although like I've seen it lamented before - bloggers who slag off, usually do not de-register their blog names (can you do that?) and thus monopolise blognames that others could very well use.

I'm no blog expert but I do like to write and I think I write oklah....I also like to think I have interesting nuggets to share with my readers (although there was a 'friend' who said my blog was 'eehh' as compared to another friend's blog). There are so many blog 'services' out there - ummmm, blogger, wordpress,, etc. and I guess it's important to choose one that you like.

Then there are those who love taking pictures - I used to be very paranoid about writing and showing anything remotely personal but heck, there are so many out there doing even more 'PERSONAL' stuff so I'm sure my stuff isn't going to warrant a YouTube search....but it's still important to remember that it's never good to give out too many details about yourself! (Although I personally think my friend thinks my blog is 'eehh' cos I don't have many pics in it....yeah, I don't have a camera growing out of my cheek thanks very much!)

Your blog can be about anything - alot of people write about their lives and alot also write about their hobbies - so you have to decide what you want your blog to be about and then ...., just write! Seriously JUST WRITE!

It isn't difficult - it just takes an interest!

(And for those of you who think my topic today is just to generate more traffic to my site, you're RIGHT! Hahhahahahahah - hopefully, once they read my stuff, they'll pop by more often - or link to me!!! ;)

AND click on my ads!!! Geez, how am I ever going to afford that trip to Alaska if you guys don't click????? )

Unwinable Bets

Found this one - so cute!

When sitting down, continuously draw a clock-wise circle with your right foot. After 2 seconds, write in the air with your right hand - the number '6'. I BET you you can't do it without your foot getting brainwashed.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


In response to my 'Gaston doesn't read books without pictures' post - Thank GOD I found this post of May 10, 2008 at this blog which at shows at least one blogger out there who admits there is more to life than blogging with pictures and that the blogging world is not all there is!

And when I say 'admits' I MEAN admits becuase no one out there can seriously imagine that this is all right up there with actually LIVING your life!

* Post from

P.S. I am hungry - foods I wanna eat:

1. Chinese Chicken Chop
2. Herbal Chicken
3. Claypot Chicken Rice
4. Roast Pork Rice
5. McDonalds
6. Luncheon meat
7. Baked Ikan Pari (Ray Fish)

Sometimes words count too....

Is it true that people prefer blogs with more photos? Isn't this sad? It's akin to Gaston (Beauty & The Beast) not reading books that don't come with pictures!

I don't take many pics - I can when I think about it and I like to think I can take pretty nice pics too (frame them well) but I really don't carry a camera around with me all the time....hmmm, perhaps I should seeing as I had an egg of an idea taking photography more seriously.

Oklah, let me start by buying a nice camera - like a real old one is pretty much ummm...well, acutally it's still ok but I think I need a real one - you know one of those where you point and fiddle and THEN shoot!


Inner Termoil Part 2

Well, Well, Well!

The night of my Inner Termoil Part 1 post - I got the answer of my dreams! So, you see - if you believe, somehow you will, you will when you believe......

Oklah, to not plagiarise Whitney Houston's song - I believe when you believe things will happen as you want them to!

Thank you....

Blogger Templates

I tried to change my blogger templates to a nice one found on wouldn't work.....

PLUS! It told me it would delete my widgets like my adsense and blogger button and linklist - I'm not sure what that means but I guess I'd lose all my sides....the others aren't that important but my Blogroll is too precious to lose.

What's a widget? (I'm not stupid, I can guess what they are but I've never made the effort to find out what they are REALLY.)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Inner Termoil

* Before JH pounces on me again for spelling errors, let me just proclaim loud and clear that the (sp) was on purpose! *

Things have been moving quite fast for me, in my personal life, and I guess it's great that I adapt quite easily. Though now, I am faced with a difficult decision that I am, truly, at a loss about.

There are matters close to our hearts for everyone and I now seem to have arrived at a crossroads to decide the action I will take about one of mine. Every time I think about it I feel bad but it is an inevitable decision. I kinda keep hoping for a miracle so that I can sail smoothly across my river of termoil (termoil because it's not completely a BAD Thing, even though it is bad too.....aiya, kinda hard to explain but suffice to say that it isn't as bad as all that that I need to spell the word correctly - yeah, when you live in Errolyn world, things like that make sense).

So anyway, I keep hoping that the light will dawn but somehow I don't think it will. Which seems to leave me in a position where I will have to make a decision that is sad to me. Perhaps when I stop fretting about it so much, an answer will come which is ALSO something I've been hoping for for the past few weeks but there is a little voice at the back of my head that warns me I am just killing time.

Sigh. But I will get through this, I'm sure. I will find a way.

P.S. I just checked my traffic report and thanks to everyone who comes and visits. Now, if you will just remember to return and also remember to click on me ads!!!!

P.S.S. I just checked the Job Guide at work and realise that I don't seem to even earn the market average for my position and scope of work. Now THAT's getting me down almost as much as my 'termoil'! Bleah! Leaves a sour taste in my mouth those pirates!