Tuesday, May 27, 2008

rich, Rich, RICH!!!

(start self-actualising mantra) I'm rich!!! (repeat self-actualising mantra)

.....How? I've submitted my application to have Adsense on my blog if that makes any sense. A few, yeah, count them, a few people have gotten rich from this, so I thought I'd stick my finger in the pie too....So thanks first, to all those who support my life's ambition by clicking and supporting my ads. Oklah, you get a free kiss if you come back and tell me you did it!

Besides that, another bit of exciting news - I discovered this new blog (well, new to me) ummmm...what's it called again, Little Spawn, so cool that I've added it to my Blogroll....I've also removed Brack's Photo A Day because for some time now, it's been missing - thought at first it might be some 'Where's my blog??' error but hmmmm....it's still missing - I'll check back and add it to my blogroll again if it resurrects!

Where was I now....oh yes, Little Spawn - what I like about it is how the author writes just about daily life. It's so much fun just seeing what other people do with their lives and how infrequently married bloggers fight with their spouses....Is it just me or does no other couple fight out there? I seem to get upset or quarrelsome at the slightest things....perhaps that's why my partners seem to love me so much huh! Hhahahahhahaha....Well, I'm learning - to be more patient, to accept other people's standards and way of living and to just basically be more humble - because you know I DON'T know everything.....I think I'm more likeable in my old age.....or getting there at least.

Had a crazy weekend trying out Le Meridien in KL Sentral. We had a free voucher thanks to Starwood Cards membership (yeah I know that's not the right name but if you google Starwood Priviledges, I'm sure it'll come up). The vouchers were expiring in May 2008, after a year of validity so we got up off our asses and used them for a weekend of luxury (yeah, some people are just dying to add the word 'tawdry' in there, but.....). So, anyway, we checked into a Deluxe room (which was given), JH of course, immediately wanted to upgrade since the Deluxe is the 'chapalang-ess' room - meaning ummm...let's see....well...most common - but I wasn't going to spend more money on our free weekend of luxury especially with so many other things we could spend money on.....

Deluxe room with a king sized bed and a lilliputan sized bathroom. The bathroom was the nicest thing about the room, well, the service was excellent too but the room itself was not particularly impressive. I know, I know it's a business hotel but well, I expected more.

One thing that I do absolutely love about the hotel, though not a new discovery is its gorgeous pool and the jaw dropping Al-Nafourah restaurant. JH and I had our first date (Phase II) there and we went back for a free 3 course set lunch (courtesy of Starwood again - and compliments of Errolyn's miraculous planning abilities). The pool, with its greenery, landscaping, view, ambience is just great - it looked wonderful in broad daylight but I can just imagine it at sunset with the sky a dusky pink interplayed with rich orange and yellow strokes and some random slivers of white cloud dyed cobalt and navy blue…..little tealights dotting the pool side and warm blocks of candles grouped together for a cosy, romantic setting amongst the tropical plants. On Sunday morning, I backstroked to a majestic view of the two towers - the Hilton Hotel and Le Meridien - the looked like twin stairways up to a beautiful piece of heaven. Ummmm, with the stars out, it would just be a dream come true.

Then Al-Nafourah with its ornate, splendid d├ęcor just transporting you to ….somewhere in the Middle East. It's romantic and breath-taking. I've been there twice and I still gaze around with wonder in my eyes, my jaw slightly dropped and frequently exhaling little puffs of pleasure at the beauty around me - the lights, the curtains, the upholstery, the furniture…..well, the food is ok too but really, it is the beauty of the place that gets to me. It really is like a fairytale!

The thing I did not enjoy about the hotel was that being in the so-called 'sentral' of KL (which is not really, if you wanna get down to it), they offer no shuttles anywhere - not even to Megamall MidValley (one of Errolyn's favourite malls) which is like 5 mins drive away! And uh, well, JH was mighty upset they wanted to charge RM12 for a packet of cookies. I'm surprised he even checked out the prices, I would never touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole! He was upset….This from a man who wanted to spend 6 hours sleeping in a RM195 room in a random hotel in IPOH!!! For god's sake, IPOH!!! Don't they like charge, well, let's see, RM60-80 for a hotel room there????

Mmmmmm, then it was quite a hectic Sunday driving around trying to get a couple of my errands done and a huge job trying to buy JH's dream toy!!! And we spent Sunday night playing with JH's dream toy even though his parents are killing themselves getting the new house ready. See mum and dad - now you know why you had 2 darling daughters instead of sons!!! :)

But anyway, I felt really guilty so spent yesterday lunch time and after work buying stuff for the room and bathroom. Was quite quite sleepy and tired after especially (like I reported to JH) sneezing my head off the whole day in the office and trying to keep my squinty hurting eyes open throughout the day)….didn't get to play the dream toy last night…..Sigh - JH is quite disappointed I think…..

So, that was my/our crazy weekend…..fun stuff….now all I wanna do is sleep and eat char koay teow!


Sue said...

What dream toy? No photos ah?

Errolyn said...

photos of the dream toy - yeah, you wish!!! :D

we played it last night - guess he's happy today!!!