Monday, May 05, 2008

How to Compress 2 Posts into 1

Oklah, just an update about my exercise regime - on Thursday morning I went swimming cos JH went into work and then on Sat we went for a morning walk at the TTDI park. I woke up and jumped out of bed all energetic and happy….not happy to go JOGGING but just happy at a new day….but then I was so grumpy during the whole walk…I decided I prefer going to the gym where I can just work out in air conditioning and a 'cleaner' environment. I got really agitated when I saw stains on the walkway of the park. Icky dried brown stains - ACK and DOUBLE ACK!!! I know they could just be mulched leaves (which are also icky) but oh my god, they could very well be SHIT stains! Aiya, now that really grossed me out and immediately turned my mood bad. I actually physically turned around and confessed to JH that I had decided I preferred to work out in a gym….Furthermore, in a gym, the only slimy buggers are the ones who try to talk to me (all 1 of them!!!!) but in the big bad dirty outside world, they spring down on me on silken threads of gossamer…..such beauty and bleah!

One of the blogs that I visit - Brack's Photo A Day - has a series of photographs taken of caterpillars…..(yikes, even typing that word out gives me the creeps!)…..they're beautiful but nonetheless….

And for today's post - I'm so tired! I am abit achy all over, I am not sure why, perhaps it's cos I didn't really get enough sleep, and we went walking in the morning and walking at HomeDec for 2 days in a row!!! I made an excellent purchase - a 32" LCD tv to go with my beautiful new Lorenzo tv console….there goes the bonus!

But gosh, am I tired! But if I'm this tired, I wonder what JH must feel like - long hours, difficult clients, too much documentation, shopping with gf (this must be the worst!!!) Hhahahahaha


Sue said...

Ooooo...Lorenzo.....and LCD..hey no photos ah..

Errolyn said...

Hi Errolyn,
I am named Errolyn as well. A bit of a novelty to come upon another so named. It's my 60th birthday today and I was 'googling' my name and came upon you. Perhaps we should start an 'Errolyn' club.
Bye from an Aussie Errolyn

Errolyn said...

HI Errolyn!!!!

Thanks so much for comiing over - Nice 'meeting you' - Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a fantastic one!

I confess I've googled our name before too.... just a couple of times. ;)

Anyway, do come back! and if you need translations of the Malaysian-isms - let me know!!! :)