Monday, April 21, 2008

When I Lay Me Down To Sleep....

Have you heard of EcoFunerals? I read in the papers today that England is the forerunner when encouraging these environmentally friendly funerals with environmentally friends caskets and funeral processes. And apparently, it's not necessarily the most expensive way to go as we would normally expect of anything novel or new. I personally hope it will stay around though because I am all for saving the Earth. I admit I don't practise every single thing I could but I try and I think that in a world of several billion, if all of us at least tried, it would help some.

So, upon investigation, I found some sites (1,2,3) which help with more information on EcoFunerals (ummm, this could be a particular brand name….so perhaps I should just call it Funerals Towards Earth Saving or FEST (TM Errolyn hahahaah).

Ok, just found out that Eco Funerals is a generic term….but anyway, I still like mine…..

If you google it, there are many funeral service providers in Britain who offer the EcoFuneral, but here's one in Australia…..

I wonder if we would ever have them in places like Tibet or India…just to name a few since there are already funereal practices there that are already 'eco friendly'. In Tibet, they leave the corpses out on a high plateau or mountain and wait for the birds and buzzards and vultures (do they have these in Tibet) to come eat the bodies. In India, the most usual is the funeral pyre set afloat the River Ganges which is also environmentally friendly in a way because there is nothing left behind that is non-biodegradable…..except for the release of the BLACK BLACK SMOKE which could dampen ozone saving efforts (not sure about this). They say that when vegetarians burn, ok….are cremated, the smoke is a clear white smoke….

Not everyone is happy about it though. I guess it's still something to ponder.

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