Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Wish I Could Just Be Fat!

Ok, I'm back on the exercise wagon….sometimes I think I look good in clothes but sometimes I don't…not saying that I look better out of clothes but….hahahahah..

Ok, whatever, back to basics - 3 activities per week - running/jogging, swimming and preferably one tennis or swimming. Though I do enjoy swimming so that can be my bonus….ahahhaha, like oooh, I've done my hated jogging so now I can reward myself by swimming.

In checking up information for a friend, I have discovered that I am just on this side of normal weight as per the BMI. Of course I have tremendous thigh muscles and I would love to imagine that my big upper arms are actually toned muscle but who's kidding whom huh? It's all fat, Fat, FAT!!! Cellulite to boot - why don't men get this one???

So, 30 minutes per session/ 3 sessions per week plus healthy eating - more fruits, less portions but sometimes still rewarding myself. I used to love the feeling of my muscles - yeah I had those when I was dancing too but I hardly noticed them but during the Gym Era, I used to love feeling the tight muscles under the abdomen, in the gluteus maximus and my biceps/triceps including the added strength in my back. Now they've all turned to jelly. My skirts and pants don't fill out so nicely anymore but whatever it is, even if not for aesthetic reasons, I need to start stopping the sedentary lifestyle - less movies and lazing about in bed and more getting up and out there and not worrying about 'Aiyo, I just washed my hair so I shouldn't swim today'…..jesus jones that's why I bought my waterproof cap!

Getting older is a reason for getting fitter and it's always nice to look good anyway!

Ok, this I promise!

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