Monday, January 21, 2008

Top 5 Gifts for Valentine's

Sick again! Wow! This is not good for the soul!

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I am feeling super creative!!! Decorated the house to the extent that I feel really proud!! So, anyway, I shall be off on a pretty long break this year, meant to be longer but since work is crazy these days, it’s a little shorter.

A couple of other happy occasions beside Chinese New Year around the corner. Mum's birthday is up, Federal Territory Day is a holiday (not to mention yeay! Thaipusam!) plus Valentine's Day!!!

Hence my list of top 5 best gifts for Valentine's Day - from a guy to a girl that is cos I don't know what the heck is a good gift for a GUY! I maintain that they are the most difficult people to buy for!

Top 5 Gifts for Valentine's (in no particular order):

A little bit of cash involved:

Promise ring - doesn't have to be real jewellery
A shopping 'spree'
A self-planned treasure hunt around the city
A home-cooked meal candlelight, soft music and a little slow dancing after (make up the house real nice, you know where there is a real novelty change - for ideas watch Party Planner on Astro)
Tell her you will always love her, never hurt her and MEAN IT

More cash involved:

A holiday together - maybe a trip to Alaska, a spa retreat on a Mediterranean island,
A little baby blue box with a white ribbon tied around it
A gadget that she really wants - maybe an I-pod, an LCD tv, a sound system, just make sure it's a sexy gadget - not a washing machine or an iron (generally I wouldn't say this, but I've been wanting a laptop for too long now - just make sure it comes with enough memory/systems/applications to do what she wants it to do)
Horse riding lessons
Tell her you will always love her, never hurt her and show you MEAN IT by signing a contract where you pay her RM18 million should you ever break this promise - as decided by 2 close friends from your side and hers.
Alright, that's my list - geared towards somebody who is like me. Sorry guys, if your girl prefers the hiking, jogging life, the list above may not help much.

Although, I think the following are pretty cool gifts too!

Caving together
White water rafting together
Have a picnic and a cool swim in a pool by a waterfall where it's just the two of you and birds chirping and you can share a kiss in the beautiful waters
Salsa party
Throw a party together
Self-made vouchers for back rub, foot rub, get out of jail free, mood swing opportunity, etc.
Time away from each other (?!)

Yikes, no more time now.....bai bai!

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