Tuesday, January 03, 2006


My dad thought I was crazy but I am certain I saw Elton John and his husband David Furnish (p.s. my mum called him David Furniture!!! hehehehahahahhaa) on 29 December 2005!!!

Ok, how do I know it was them right? Well, Elton looked exactly like he is – his talented fingers looked short and his face and mouth looks exactly like in his photos. He wasn’t wearing earrings and I looked, but didn’t find, a wedding ring. David Furnish had the balding head, they both had the same height and physique….. I should have just called out ‘Elton’ or something to see if he turned around.

There was also an older couple with them but I haven’t been able to identify if perhaps they were his or David’s parents – from the build though, looks like they are more probably Elton’s parents.

I just thought they must have been traveling incognito because why on earth would Sir Elton John travel on Konsortium for his honeymoon????? But it must be that Mat Salleh sense of adventure where they like to experience the local ways and see the local scenery – which would be quite hard to do if you were flying 30000 km above sea level!

He was not very friendly, didn’t smile when I let him go in front of me, perhaps didn’t really want to show me his face or whatever, but I have just been going crazy telling everybody I saw Elton John and his husband!!!!


Anonymous said...

You saw Lady Elton himself? In Malaysia? You gotta be kidding me? Where was he headed to?

Errolyn said...
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Errolyn said...

I saw him on the journey from Pudu, KL to Penang!

Although, the other day I saw pics of the happy couple in the papers and they looked almost the same height - you think Elton was standing on a box? Cos the real life couple I saw had quiteeee a difference in height!