Saturday, January 14, 2006


It's the beginning of newer, better and bigger things! This is a test run of a blog I set up for myself, sorry if I've got the jargon wrong but....what the heck, life isn't about getting everything right eh? Sometimes mistakes in life lead you down the most wondrous of roads!

So, anyway, I've still got the previous archives from my Ten Cents for Your Thoughts which used to be on (which as some of you know is going to be defunct at the end of Jan 06)....but maybe someday I'll have the time to transfer archives over to this new blog so everyone can have a read.......need to learn how to do that first.

Anyhoo, I hope you guys continue to enjoy this new blog - I like to think of it as my personal avenue to rant and rave, I will not apologise for my thoughts or opinions because they are mine and I can do whatever I want with them. What good is having an outlet but having to censor and police it eh? I won't go thoroughly overboard though because in the first place I do not support prejudice, racism, sexism, and whatever other -isms there are out there but sometimes I kinda lapse into my alter-ego who does sometimes practise these biases......But IT'S NOT ME!!!! :)

Seriously though, as I was saying, I find myself getting more honest and unafraid to voice my thoughts as I get older, so you may at times find some personal and potentially insulting/controversial remarks which I will publish because.....!

Thanks for reading and for those of you who will comment me in positive and not so positive ways, I will try to learn and see the good in all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year be better than the last - which shouldn't be difficult and is NOT a lot to ask!

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