Saturday, January 14, 2006

Death Doesn't Become Him....

Something awful happened at the office yesterday. A colleague paid for going to work with his life.

I didn't know him very well but after his death, everybody has a snippet of information or story about him. He was on the way to work and got hit by a lorry which then ran over his head. Busloads of fellow colleagues came by the cursed stretch of road but nobody had any idea that it was someone they worked with everyday. They said his head was covered with newspapers but his body was there for all to see and the unlucky driver of the lorry was actually trying to hide his body and motorbike so he could escape! The driver of the lorry is now in hospital.....or so they say.

Everybody's days are numbered. It is only us foolish humans who do not realise this and continue to argue, insult, cheat, lie and hate with reckless abandon. I have pretty much made it a habit now to tell the people important to me that they are......sometimes though, not enough with my family.....weird how we can tell boyfriends and girlfriends that "I Love You" 15 times a day but we can't do the same for family. Only when tragedy befalls, do people go home and 'cerita' about it and lament "Aiyo, life is short....We should savour and cherish each other...." but then promptly forget it later that night when hubby forgets to take the trash out.....

I have done this many times myself, but I feel that as I have gotten older and experienced more of life, I do see things differently. I tell people all the time that LIFE IS SHORT - don't make yourself suffer too much now for tomorrow - there may not be a tomorrow and you would have wasted so much time that could have been spent happy with the people who are important to you!

Nobody listens to me though.

I can't be the only one who feels this way or realises how short life is right? In which case, we should see/feel/hear a scurry of people coming to us to ask for our friendship and forgiveness and love and time - just to spend a lazy afternoon appreciating each other. And vice versa.

It's not a difficult thing to do, you just have to want to do it enough to change your mindset and lifestyle! Do it now because you know, there may not that next hour, or tomorrow.....

Take care, don't speed and love yourself and those important to you.

My thoughts and love to Mum, Dad, Janice, Lisa, Thing May, Melinda, Szu Ping, Liz, D.

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