Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Well, well, well! Another week, another podcast! Thanks firstly, to all the people who have subscribed and listened and enjoyed and written back re the podcast - we're now at Episode 4, can you believe it and hopefully there'll be many more to come.....

If you haven't tried it out, please come listen and just try it on for size to see if you'll enjoy it, you never know!

Here's the link again:

Don't try, don't know. 'Millions' have tried it and liked may be the next one!


Saturday, August 27, 2005

I have a very simple blog this time. Something so simple that I can't believe it even happened.....

The PAN PACIFIC HOTEL next to KLIA - a 5 star hotel.....needed my 15 sen more than me so they kept it!!!

Too upset to talk about it still. Last Friday, I was trying to catch a plan so went to the hotel to grab some dinner. I stupidly suggested Pan Pacific because I'd never been there. Encountered a stupid maitre'd who said, "Ah" to my question about the buffet that was being offered. Well, nowhere else to eat so ordered my food, had some ok food, asked for the bill.....(during which time I saw the maitre'd ask a mat salleh couple 2 times how their food was - this graciousness ostentatiously missing from the dinner service of locals and some Indonesians......Talk about Colonial hangups which perpetuate in this country and make me fume!!!!

The bill came, was paid with cash........There was supposed to be change but hey.....The Pan Pacific Hotel decided they wouldn't bring the change and receipt back to us. They decided they would just keep the (albeit) 15 sen without so much as a "Keep the Change!" from the Customer, or a simple question of "May we keep your change since we are donating 15 sen from every bill to cancer research?"

Audacious? Well, finally after being asked, they brought back 10 sen......I am very honoured to stand beside D who is brave enough to tell them that, "You're a 5 star hotel......even a mamak shop can afford to give customers back their full change."

There you have it - our very own dregs of the hotel industry - if you're reading this Pan Pacific - you'd better conduct better training and design better policies which show you are more customer driven than self-driven!

Suffice to say that I can eat better food at a lot of other places and definitely get better service anywhere else!

All I can ask is: Was 15 sen really worth all this bad press?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Alrighty now, the second podcast has been recorded and will be out soon after it's edited. It's quite a bit of fun this thing although it does require some preparation. No I'm not talking about making up scripts and rehearsing our laughs but we do have to do some work you know.

So, what's been happening with life? Of course, the haze. Enough said about that. I was kinda worried about our security guards at the office cos they are stationed outside the building at various different posts. This coupled with the fact that the haze is especially bad where I work - I asked the management whether there were any plans to outfit our guards with masks. I thought I was doing a kind deed but the reply that came back was that, "Thanks but they're already wearing masks!" Now, if that doesn't make me look like an unobservant idiot, I don't know what does.

So, on to other stuff. Have made plans to go home after a long long time. Yippeee!!! It's birthday month for my family now and it'll be great to get back. Which leads me to - my birthday celebration. D took me to Le Francais Restaurant at One Bangsar. It was quite nice - the appetizer that we had (Salmon and Scallops) was not quite as good as we hoped but the mains we had (Lamb and Duck) were good. The Chocolate Terrine dessert was also not as good as expected but the Thyme Creme Brulee I liked - though D didn't enjoy that quite as much as I did.

The Duck was apparently imported from France so it is supposed to be quite gamey/tough. I told the waiter D was game for the duck! HAhahahhahahahahahahahahaa..........

By the way, shopping in Shanghai China is fantastic - I have a friend there now who's been buying stuff for me (fake) and they're great at great prices!

Til next time! Do good deeds.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Project Petaling Street PODCAST!!!

For the first time ever, I've participated in a Podcast! In case you don't know what a podcast is - it's people recording themselves talking about anything and everything and then making it available to people over the internet. So check my podcast out - I did it with D and it's pretty cool for a first effort!

Here's the link:

So, what we've done is picked some cool blogs out there in the world and then talked about them to try and add some more interesting facets and analysis........but for this one podcast, we're talking about interesting blogs from Project Petaling Street - Project Petaling Street is like this big blog database that showcases Malaysian blogs. However, they're only there for a day and after 24 hours, the blogs are gone foreverrrr!!! So we're here to try and immortalise the most fascinating blogs via online voice.

Have fun!