Saturday, August 27, 2005

I have a very simple blog this time. Something so simple that I can't believe it even happened.....

The PAN PACIFIC HOTEL next to KLIA - a 5 star hotel.....needed my 15 sen more than me so they kept it!!!

Too upset to talk about it still. Last Friday, I was trying to catch a plan so went to the hotel to grab some dinner. I stupidly suggested Pan Pacific because I'd never been there. Encountered a stupid maitre'd who said, "Ah" to my question about the buffet that was being offered. Well, nowhere else to eat so ordered my food, had some ok food, asked for the bill.....(during which time I saw the maitre'd ask a mat salleh couple 2 times how their food was - this graciousness ostentatiously missing from the dinner service of locals and some Indonesians......Talk about Colonial hangups which perpetuate in this country and make me fume!!!!

The bill came, was paid with cash........There was supposed to be change but hey.....The Pan Pacific Hotel decided they wouldn't bring the change and receipt back to us. They decided they would just keep the (albeit) 15 sen without so much as a "Keep the Change!" from the Customer, or a simple question of "May we keep your change since we are donating 15 sen from every bill to cancer research?"

Audacious? Well, finally after being asked, they brought back 10 sen......I am very honoured to stand beside D who is brave enough to tell them that, "You're a 5 star hotel......even a mamak shop can afford to give customers back their full change."

There you have it - our very own dregs of the hotel industry - if you're reading this Pan Pacific - you'd better conduct better training and design better policies which show you are more customer driven than self-driven!

Suffice to say that I can eat better food at a lot of other places and definitely get better service anywhere else!

All I can ask is: Was 15 sen really worth all this bad press?

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