Sunday, November 20, 2005

OK, second part to my very sloppily written story of Tubby, Beautiful and Singer Dolphin. I do firstly, want to apologise for the atrocious way I wrote the story but it was the best I could do at that point in time.

Nobody's come back to me to say how they'd like for the story to end so here I go, making my own ending up.

Tubby Dolphin sees the real sunlight in spite of the temporary, false light he saw when he met Singer Dolphin and obssessed about her.....not for long though and he misses everything he's ever had the good fortune to build with Beautiful Dolphin. But The Great Sea Whelk says, "Everything will become clear in time, no matter how bad it seems now, no matter how good it seems now, in the end, you will see what was meant for you".

And so, life goes on in the Undersea World of the Dolphins.....Beautiful Dolphin comes out a little ragged around the edges, perhaps more jaded but also thankful that The Great Sea Whelk stepped in to save the future. Tubby has his life to lead and Singer has her own life to lead - neither are important to Beautiful anymore and she can live with that finally.

Sometimes it's hard to see the truth when you're too deeply embroiled in it. But when you do see it, you realise it was right all along. The Great Sea Whelk doesn't lie and is not wrong - only sea mammals make that mistake for love, for greed, for inconsideration.....

I personally believe that Tubby Dolphin did not, does not and perhaps never will realise what he's lost - be it in terms of love or friendship or genuine care and mindfulness for him, but that is something he has to learn for himself.

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