Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Post of 25th April 2005
(With pictures)
An Intimate Evening with Lea Salonga - Broadway Pleasures.

Lea Salonga sang only one Miss Saigon song, one Les Miz and a lot of other songs I didn't really like. Her voice is as pure as ever and I enjoyed it to no end but I definitely wouldn't have minded more songs that I liked.

Mrs Rob has been married for 'a little over a year now' (as she kept reminding us) and still very much in love. In fact, the theme for the night was Love. It affected some and didn't affect some.

There was her Broadway album for sale at half-time (which I have already got courtesy of D's visit to the Filipino MP3 market....hehehehehe....The 'Voice of God' announced that it would be on sale after the concert but actually sales started, and ended, at half time intermission!!! Quite a few people missed out on it. Demand definitely sky-rocketed when 'God' promised that Lea herself would come out and autograph your copy of her album.

Lea came out in her 'ugliest costume of the year' a blue suit first and then changed into a shiny red off-the-shoulder chiffon thingy with pants. She looked really bigger on stage - as in more substantial from my vantage point to the left of the stage, one tier up and beautifully right in front of the stage! Circle 1 - A3-6!

But boy! When she came out to sign her album, I couldn't recognise her! On stage she looked bigger and older and not so captivating but in person, she came back to normal size, looked 22 and lived up to all beauty expectations. LA SALONGA IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO ALREADY THOUGHT SHE WAS RAVISHING. SHE EXCEEDED EXPECTATION STILL!

Overall, repertoire could have been improved, I thought her voice sounded a bit nyaring but stil mesmerising. As someone very aptly put it, she acts her songs! It isn't just singing - another gem like her is Celine Dion. That's why I can't understand when people say Carrie Underwood and Jaclyn Victor sing well. Yeah they have the voice but they don't emote, they don't bring the song to life, they don't send shivers up your spine and make you want to cry. When Lea sings, I believe.

Well, there is my adventure with Lea - I have been within the closest proximity ever with her and now go home sated. The train ride again - very romantic - all the old world charm and rocking soothing motions - except the AutoDoor won't open for me!


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