Thursday, May 05, 2005

A couple of things have happened peeps (- for those of you not in the know, 'peeps' means 'people'!)

Firstly - Errolyn's cut her hair (!!!)
Secondly - Errolyn spent RM120 at the Times Warehouse Sale (!)

So, which do you want to hear about first?

Well, obviously I've put up some pics of myself with long hair and my new hairstyle which actually looked so good on the first day that I hugged my professional hairstylist - Annita Hisham of Curlers & Trimmers in Desa Sri Hartamas - and thanked her very very profusely. I was almost teary-eyed cos I wanted to do it but had the usual suspects - concern, excitement, reservation, eagerness and of course, my faithful friends - urge, desire and let's-do-this-now!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know me from childhood, I've had 'beautiful' long hair since I was yea high, not least because the two or three times I have experimented with short hairstyles, mum has commented that I look like an Indonesian maid! I also had another nickname - 'Butterball'. Funny how you remember these things huh?

Anyways, I didn't think I looked sooooooo bad for those 'different' hairstyles but obviously short hair doesn't get you as many looks as long hair does. Frequently enough, people say long hair is sexy and guess what, I think it is definitely TRUE! No offense to all the short-furred people out there but you know what, we can't deny that the length of one's hair almost always does influence the looker whether he/she realises it or not! Gosh, am I rambling? Do you just want me to get to the point?

So - I cut my hair. Mum said no, D said hmmmmm, sis said yeah, friends said try it slow. You see, originally, I had wanted the Anita Sarawak haircut. Hairstylist said no. :)

Secondly, there was a Times warehouse sale in PJ - in that building where people hold a lot of warehouse sales? Behind Colgate-Palmolive is how they describe it. Anyway, if you go around that vicinity, you'll be able to see a white sign on the ground that says 'Free Parking for Times warehouse sale'. The guard will then hand you a yellow parking ticket and very diligently tell you to collect the parking voucher from Times.

How do I know he diligently does this? Cos I went twice!

First time I went and bought quite a few books totalling RM120 with 2 books worth RM1 each. This was their gimmick you see - 'cheaper thatn newspaper'!!!! And a lot of other novels (Mum and I love Greg Iles) worth RM8. Can you imagine! The normal RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is somewhere around RM30-40 and here we can get it for RM8. Some hard-cover books were RM15 and of course there were the more expensive ones too like James Patterson (whom I love - can't read his books fast enough!) for RM24. Bought the Volume 1-4 of Stephen King's Dark Tower set for RM30, one Orson SCott Card's SongMaster for RM 8 (I loved Ender! - as I have said in my review of Ender here on my website - if you haven't, you need to, no matter what the genre you prefer!)

Then I went a second time, and bought one contemporary 'Chick Lit' - well, the bookstores call it 'Chic Lit' but somehow I think they mean the former! :)
Couldn't bring myself to buy it the first time around cos it didn't seem right to spend money on frivolous Chick Lit. I know, I know, the other novels are all fiction too but they seem to require more thought and planning and effort since the books I like to read usually involve a lot of twists in medical/legal/espionage/horror thrillers. But anyway, only RM 8 right? And let's see, bought another RM 1 novel since they change the novels, everyday I think. There was another Iles book for RM 1 but sadly I had already bought it for RM 8 the other day - DAMN!

So, when you buy RM100 and above (accumulated receipts of one day only), you get a complimentary RM5 voucher to use at Times, valid until 31st July. And if you buy RM300 and above (again accumulated receipts of one day only), you get a very nice Times bag. So, with D buying RM200 and above and me RM100 and above, we got a nice Times bag - which you may see me carrying around now!

So that was my eventful!!!!! weekend. And this weekend I am going home - which promises to be even more fun, love and comfort. I miss home. I want to go home. I miss everything it represents to me - family, comfort, luxury, familiarity, closeness.


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