Sunday, April 03, 2005

It sure is hard planning a holiday! If any of you out there know of a tour agency or travel agent who hosts tours to China with an ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE, please let me know! I am desperate. You would think there would be quite a few tours out there with guides who speak adequate English - but it doesn't seem to be the case.

I don't know why I agreed to do the logistics for this trip. Damn! We're looking to go to Australia or China. Australia because we've never been there and perhaps, it's time we did since people seem to rave about it alot although I've never been particularly entranced by it.

China because it was cheaper than Australia but the more I research about it, the more attractive it gets! The Great Wall, the beautiful lakes and rivers and gorges - I heard that the 3 Gorges is flooded up already and the people have been relocated! A natural beauty gone forever! It is sacrilegous that the Chinese government has allowed such an atrocity but.....I guess it is also embarrassing that I have only now found out about it.

I'm definitely looking forward to any input anyone out there can give me with regards to touring Australia or China. I'm not afraid to say I don't know much about either country and get really nauseous looking at the computer too long. Our Malaysians websites also don't seem to provide much information when it comes to their possible itineraries and I've sent some enquiries to their email addresses only to have emails come back to me saying the 'inbox is full' (!!!!) or that delivery is impossible due to some technical glitch or another. Do our tour operators rely solely on walk in business then??????? In this day and age!

I for one, do not have the time to walk into each and every tour agency out there under our hot hot sun to ask you questions and remember all that you have told me! So, TOUR OPERATORS/TRAVEL AGENCIES OUT THERE TAKE NOTE! I would like to contact you online and have you give me substantial information that is HELPFUL - preferably online too so I can file away your answer and contact you if you're good enough!

Reliance so far looks to be the best one out there with a nice website and down-loadable itineraries and price! (most important!) I'm definitely looking forward to even more good service from them.

So anyway, back to the focus - let me know if there are any particularly good travel agencies out there that do Aust/China. THANKS!

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